Do Your Beliefs Hold You Back at Work?

Our beliefs are assumptions that we make – with conviction – about how things are and how they should be.

We develop our beliefs from what we experience, see, read, feel and think about, and they are formed both by the objective facts and subjective stories we create to make sense of what we observe.

This applies not only how we see ourselves but also how we see other people.

So what do you believe about…

  • What it takes to get the next promotion?
  •  What really impresses your boss?
  •  What the people you manage most value from you?
  • Why your clients are ‘so demanding’?
  • Managing your emails versus investing time in more high value, strategic initiatives?

We tend not to question our beliefs because we are so certain about them and many of them stem from years of real-world experience.  But sometimes we cling to an old belief that no longer serves us, that prevents us from taking the necessary action to resolve a situation or to fully capitalise on a new opportunity.Continue reading

How our beliefs and assumptions create our reality

Have you ever heard the expression ‘focus creates reality’?

It’s a powerful phrase that describes the fact that what we think about we certainly do attract. So if your focus is on lack of money, lack of love, lack of relationships then that is exactly what you’ll attract – more of the same.

Chris and Gina discuss effective ways in which we can shift the power in our subconscious minds. And as a result, create a more powerful, fulfilling current reality in which we are consciously focusing on all the things we do want to create in our lives.

Are you a believer? Or a creator?

Nikola Tesla – a creator and true genius

Most of us are convinced that until we believe we can have or manifest the object of our desire, then we ain’t never gonna get it. We’re quite sure that unless we have a positive self-image, we simply can’t have what we’d love.

Recognising that most of us have worth, trust, control, capacity, powerless and not allowed to be capable beliefs, which amplify our “it’s impossible” inner editor, it can often seem an impossibility to manifest our hearts’ desires. No wonder NLP is so popular. Any modality that helps to alter state or model behaviour gives our identities a life raft of significant proportions.

And therein lies our essential conundrum as human beings: we have completely forgotten that we have an innate ability to create – at will. Whether we think we’re a stupid dumbo or we’re God’s gift to the universe. We can create despite our beliefs about ourselves. We are co-creators here on this beautiful planet. In addition to the beliefs we’ve made up about ourselves, parents and schools have also colluded in the drama. We’re told that creating involves ‘sacrifice’, that it’s ‘terribly hard work’, that it takes gargantuan talent, and it usually depends on the largesse of some unforgiving God or unseen forces. Or even worse – we have to go into a peak state and run barefoot across hot coals. Yikes! Not true, my friend.Continue reading

Are you sabotaging your dreams?

Self-sabotage may be at play, and if it is, the chances are you might not even realise it… but you might notice the effects it has on your attempts to achieve your goals and dreams.

Can you relate to the feeling of:

  • Making things harder for yourself than they need to be?
  • Allowing yourself to be distracted by something other than your priority?
  • Punishing yourself when something isn’t perfect?
  • Taking on too much when you know you can’t fit everything in?

Sometimes sabotage can show up in a way that obviously affects our goals, and other times it can show up more subtly. Continue reading

When the Going Gets Tough, Where Do You Get Going?

In the past three weeks, I have seen a lot of airports. Nine to be precise. Which means I found myself wandering through the arrivals or departures area on 18 different occasions, to fly in and out of the country. That leaves a lot of time to browse the book shops where the business and self-help sections usually get all my attention. My obsessive curiosity to learn from great thinkers and doers continually fuels my mind and deepens my insights on how to master our potential.

It’s no surprise that a common theme amongst books today is ‘Leadership in Tough Times’.  It’s an interesting topic, and one that applies to the business world as much as it does to our own personal lives.

How do you respond in tough times, when life presents a ‘major problem’? Continue reading

Beliefs: Positive, Negative or Both?

Clip Art Shower image
I tend to do a lot of deep thinking in the shower, and yesterday I found myself mulling over the way our beliefs can shape not just our decisions and behaviours, but who we are as individuals too.

As we grow up, we pick up certain beliefs or ideas about the world that stick with us into adult life – and even if we are aware of them, we rarely question them, simply taking them at face value. Continue reading

The most overlooked part of the success equation

The path to success often means MORE. More health, more money, more time with family, more promotions, more holidays, more ‘more’.

Our society seems to relentlessly push us to want more and need more. “Do more with less” is a common mantra in today’s businesses, cutbacks in staff means to continue on the path of ‘getting ahead’ you simply need to put your head down, nose to the grindstone and work harder. All in the name of more. However, there is another side.

Continue reading

Persistence is key, the reward is freedom

I was recently listening to an interview with a very amateur swimmer who tried his first triathlon (sport where you swim, then cycle, then run, all part of one race on one day). When he started training he didn’t know how to swim. At all. After some weeks and months of training he entered his first race and swam 1.5kms in 1 hour and 35 minutes. Or more easily understood, he averaged 6 mins 20 secs to swim 100 metres, and was by far the last one to finish the swim. A slow pace by any standard.

However, within a few more weeks he had cut his time for that same distance in half and was now middle of the pack. He used to be afraid of the water and now loves to swim and compete in the sport. When asked of his advice to someone who was taking on a new challenge, his words were as simple as they were profoundContinue reading

Road map for Life

Where’s your road map?
Whether you’re a SATNAV fan, or you prefer an A-Z, access to a road map is essential for exploring new territory – and reaching your desired destination. Most of us need one or the other to guide us when driving to a new place, since our intuitive faculties are rarely that honed they can get us from A to B through sheer guesswork. Continue reading