How to be fully engaged in whatever you do

In this podcast, Chris and Gina discuss how being fully engaged in whatever you do can bring surprising results. Whether it’s taking part in an Ironman triathlon – good luck Chris! – or just being more present with colleagues at work or in your relationships, putting your focus on your end result is a winning formula.

Be Right Here. Right Now.

When life gets challenging, do you find yourself ruminating regretfully on the past? Searching for reasons to justify present dissatisfactions?

The anxiety producing “If only… you’d taken that job, married that person, moved countries, bought that flat, had different parents, gone to a different college, taken less drugs, taken more drugs, had more fun, travelled more, had children, not had children…

Ego, ergo
This ego-inspired reasoning, which keeps us in a state of disempowerment and impotence is endless. And endlessly demotivating. And it lures us away from the immense power of being fully conscious and fully present.
Right here, right now.

Or perhaps like many of us, you prefer to focus on the future to avoid feeling any present pain. Or taking action to move out of your current unease. The “What if…. line of anxiety producing self-enquiry… What if…. I get made redundant, make the wrong decision, my boyfriend/girlfriend leaves me, choose the wrong job, it all goes terribly wrong, lose all my money, feel lonely, etc. Projecting our fear into future events, which have yet to happen.

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