World Cup Fever

It’s official – it is contagious. Not only did I shock myself recently by writing about politics, but now I’m doing something else I never thought I’d do: writing about football!

Soccer ball

There’s a long-term rivalry in my household, with my little brother and I referring to the sport as soccer, and my other half staunchly calling it football. Whilst it is fun to wind Cam up about the name, it was really moot point as I had absolutely no interest in the game and even less chance of watching it. So I’ve really been happily oblivious to the last few weeks of World Cup Fever.
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Where’d that Great Idea go?

How many times have you had a great idea that you were excited about at the time, but have totally forgotten about a while later? Often these ideas keep coming back up (and may keep being forgotten about!), and can haunt you with the sense that you’ve not done anything about them.

Paul and Sam discuss some tools and techniques to not only help you capture these lost ideas, but to solve some of the challenges of how to take action on them, letting them ‘percolate’, whether the timing is right, and how to start uncovering some creative solutions. Likewise, there are those ideas that we keep avoiding or things that really need to be done that seem to get harder and heavier the longer we resist taking action on them!

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Fake It Til You Make It

Join Sam and our latest Guest Podcaster Wyn Morgan – Executive Coach & Facilitator – as they discuss how one well-timed and well-chosen question can open up doors of options, energy and immediate action to get us through those times we just want to avoid!

We all have days and/or moments where we:

  • don’t feel confident enough
  • feel too fat/boring/unattractive
  • don’t have the energy for it
  • have committed to something but don’t really want to do it

Sometimes we can ‘force’ ourselves into action, and at other times we give in to the resistance and indulge our desire to avoid whatever it is. It can be far more fun and easy though, to simply ask ourselves a question that encourages immediate action regardless of how we feel – and then lets our emotions and attitudes catch up to our new perspective!

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