Summer Book Series #5: How to Be An Adult in Relationships – David Richo

How to be an Adult in relationships

How to be an Adult in relationships by David Richo

In the latest of our summer book season podcasts, Paul and Gina discuss David Richo’s amazing book How To Be An Adult in Relationships (The Five Keys to Mindful Living).
A wonderful book for anyone in a relationship, just out of a relationship or single, David Richo talks about being mindful and present in all our interactions with others.
By using the 5 As of Attention, Acceptance, Affection and Appreciation as guideposts, Richo takes the reader on a journey of mindful awareness, right to the heart of what it takes to communicate from a place of love, rather from a place of fear.

Society all-too often teaches us that everything we need is outside of us – that once we find the person we love they will provide 100% of all our needs. Wrong!! We’re lucky if we get 25% of our needs met from our partners. We need to learn to parent ourselves and find the remaining sources from within ourselves or from work or hobbies or friendships.

Most of us appear to have grown up – we’re in adult bodies after all – but in reality we are all wounded children running around in grown-up bodies. We’re still looking to heal those wounds from childhood and therefore all too often replicate the relationships we had with our parents, with our partners.

Richo helps you to look at your patterns and gives useful, practical advice on how to begin with the most important relationship of all – the one we have with our Self. As well as:

* recognizing and attracting an emotionally mature relationship

* understanding the major phases of relationships

* maintaining healthy boundaries as we become increasingly intimate

* overcoming fears of abandonment or engulfment

* expressing anger and other emotions in adult ways

* surviving break-ups with your self-esteem intact

* understanding love as a spiritual and heroic journey


An amazing book – highly recommended!

Click here to buy your copy of the book via Amazon:

[amazon ASIN=”1570628122″]How To Be An Adult in Relationships by David Richo[/amazon]


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