Second that Emotion

What are you feeling?

CONNECTING TO OUR EMOTIONS can be scary for many of us. We’ve been brought up to hide, suppress or even completely deny what our bodies and feelings are telling us. We often believe we will be overwhelmed if we ‘feel’ too much – so we take the very unhealthy option of shutdown, or escaping down the proverbial rabbit hole. Not a great idea…
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Blindsided by Anger?

It can be hard enough to talk about or express positive feelings like love and gratitude, let alone harsher or more ‘negative’ feelings like anger, frustration and hurt.

Do you bottle them up? Do you cry them out?
If you’ve ever felt blindsided by strong emotions that you couldn’t express, then there is a good chance they have been lurking in the shadows waiting for the opportunity to jump out when your guard is down.

Paul and Sam talk about how their own frustrations reached boiling points recently, and that in the process of trying to understand what they were feeling, they discovered what was hidden in the causal blind-spots that then allowed them to acknowledge and release their pent-up emotions!

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