Spring clean your mind!

Spring into action!

Give yourself a boost with these 5 steps into spring!

This is the perfect time of year to get yourself motivated and de-clutter your house and your mind. Spring really is about new beginnings, new projects and new impetus. Here are 5 ways you can kick-start your spring revival:

  1. De-clutter your home and your work environment.
    Take a look around and make a pile of things you haven’t used, looked at or worn for the last year. Give what you can to charity or hold a car boot sale. Clear and clean surfaces and floors. Throw out old newspapers and magazines.You’ll feel more energized and be able to think more clearly in a clean, clear space!
  2. Spring into action.
    Exercise is the best way to shake off those winter blues and put a spring in your step. Start a realistic and achievable exercise programme. Get off the bus one stop earlier. Walk the children to school. Swim, gym, pilates and yoga are all wonderful body toners. And you’ll be releasing those feel-good endorphins too!Continue reading

Two Magic Words That Will Give You Focus

Are you moving towards your main goals, dreams or priorities? Or does it feel like there is just so much going on in your life at the moment, that it’s hard to tell whether you are coming or going! By using just two magic words you can cut through all the fluff and really focus on what’s important. During this episode Gina and Paul talk about how to help you get really clear on what actions you should be taking on issues that are truly important to you.

What are your two magic words?

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Breakthrough inspired by Tony Robbins

Breakthrough with Tony Robbins is a new series being shown in the USA on NBC. It inspired Chris and Paul to talk about what a breakthrough is and how even the most simple changes can result in a dramatic change. This change may not be apparent immediately but with time and some reflection you too could find your very own breakthroughs have already happened and could be happening right now.

The show on NBC isn’t available to people outside of the USA, so you can view the first episode directly from breakthroughwithtonyrobbins.com

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Get refreshed with a break of routine

It’s rather easy to fall into a trap of repeating the mundane, day after day. Whether that’s in your time at the gym, your commute to work or any other standard routine in your daily life, it can be easy to lose your spark and decrease motivation. However, as Chris and Paul discuss in this podcast, a little change can break the routine and quickly give you a fresh perspective, a new boost of motivation.

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