Eliminate. Don’t Accumulate

How much ‘stuff’ have you collected over the years? Are you paying hundreds a year just to leave it in storage?

Do you buy things you don’t really need – upgrading whenever a new and better version appears?

Are you in debt as a result of buying more and more ‘stuff’?

Do you feel trapped in a job you hate, just because you need the money to pay off the debt you’ve incurred by accumulating?

If you’ve answered ‘yes!’ to just a few of these questions, then you’ll appreciate this short inspiring TED talk from Adam Baker.

How to be fully engaged in whatever you do

In this podcast, Chris and Gina discuss how being fully engaged in whatever you do can bring surprising results. Whether it’s taking part in an Ironman triathlon – good luck Chris! – or just being more present with colleagues at work or in your relationships, putting your focus on your end result is a winning formula.

It’s July already! Review time…

If you run your own company – perhaps it’s even listed – then you will know all about half-year financial reviews. Not exactly an audit but a review of the balance sheet, discussions with staff, total income, cash flow and changes in equity. Essentially a mechanism by which accountants can see that the company is being managed correctly and can therefore provide good returns to shareholders.Continue reading

Make your New Year’s Goals S.M.A.R.T.

Happy New Year everyone!

The first week of January is a very potent, magical time. It’s a great opportunity to sit back and reflect on the past year: your successes and achievements, and also a look at things that didn’t work out quite as you’d planned.

Many of us have New Year’s resolutions we’d like to put into action, but all too often by the third week of January, they are forgotten dreams. Put into mothballs for December 31st next year.Continue reading

Are you resistant to change?

C.H.A.N.G.E. The final frontier…  The big C-word is an inevitable part of life, but something most of us resist on a daily basis. We like to think we’re flexible, that we can always ‘go with the flow’. But instead, many of us simply tie ourselves even tighter to our mast of familiarity.

... turn and face the strain

Find something you’re scared of, and 9 times out of 10 it involves some kind of change in your life: new job, new relationship, new hair colour, new house, new school, new teacher, new country, new car! The list is endless.

So why do we resist? And how can we overcome the fear of change? Or rather, do we really have to?

Continue reading