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Change is considered one of the only “constants” in life and I can certainly attest to my personal experience of that. Not only are our changes required at a faster pace than ever before – and often we are juggling many in  parallel – but they are becoming increasingly more major transitions as we make more conscious decisions around our careers, life purpose, relationships and lifestyle quality.

Our biggest challenges are becoming more about how we can be sure we are making the best decisions for ourselves and those around us, particularly when we feel caught between two opposing choices or find ourselves stuck and going round in circles.

Having lived in Australia, England, Austria and now Scotland, worked with integrity and love through the end of my marriage, walked away from a successful IT career and chronic illness, before embracing life coaching as a way of life rather than just ‘my next job’ I’ve packed a lot of change into a fairly intense period of time!

The more I work through my own changes, the more I become aware of just how much change everyone else is also going through and how differently we all handle it! This influences my coaching to a great degree and I work with my clients in a way that honours what they believe in, what is important to them and how they see the world.

“.. tapping into your own answers doesn’t need to be like dowsing for water!”

When you want to be sure you are making the best decisions through your transitions, you don’t need someone telling you what to do or how to do it – and tapping into your own answers doesn’t need to be like dowsing for water!

If you want:

  • to balance business/career with purpose & spirit
  • to be sensitively challenged and strongly supported
  • to discover the way in which you can work best with your own integrity and power
  • to be able to have fun with the serious stuff, and be serious with your fun
  • to be more aware of what causes you to get ‘stuck’ and how to avoid it
  • to be certain that each decision you make is what is *really* best for you
  • to create some time dedicated to your own personal growth (when time is short)

…then I’m sure you’ll find these podcasts stimulating, entertaining and challenging. Work with them at your own pace and in your own way; tweak them, disagree with them, explore them and they will reward you with a wealth of awareness & tools that you can utilise immediately yourself. If you find you’re still stuck, or that you would love some focused support on a particular transition or you’re just curious – I’d love to hear from you!

Qualified since 2006, I live what I love, love what I do and learn continuously throughout it all!

I believe “Where true curiosity is present, judgement cannot exist”.


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