Clutter…What Clutter?!

Are you a ‘clearer’ or a ‘hoarder’?

This ‘cast is not just for those of you who have piles of paperwork across your desk, or so much stuff in a room that you can’t see the floor… How aware are you, of the areas in which you allow things to accumulate?

Do you find yourself surrounded by things and yet still unable to find what you’re looking for? What does it take to push you into having a clear out and letting go of all those things you don’t need?

Join us to find out what being a little more active when it comes to making space & utilising all your resources would be like for you!

Relationship Crossroads

How to handle a situation when it could be time for you both to part company?

Just because things are going your way doesn’t mean that your relationship is on the rocks. However if you have already considered all your options and talked things through, sometimes you need to make some really hard decisions. They may be tough, but they can also take you forward into a more fulfilling future.

Can you give yourself permission to follow your dreams?

How to Calm a Racing Mind

Feeling run off your feet, or have a loooooong to-do list? Whether it is one *massive* problem or a million things racing round in your mind… there are times when we all feel overwhelmed or just plain stuck.

Knowing what to do to calm your mind could be a handy tool to have in your belt – but how do you even know when you get to that point where things are becoming a bit ‘too much’?

Discover your personal triggers/signals, and the ways that work best for you to calm your mind before it takes over(!) or the dreaded insomnia kicks in.

Coming Soon!

We’re almost there! Soon you will find regular posts and podcasts all about coaching and how to live your best life.

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