Total Focus on the Present

Learning how to focus can help provide you with a more relaxed state of mind and more energy. When you are practiced at pushing out your worries about the past and your concerns about the future you become empowered to take action in the here and now.

Once you can tap into the Power of Now, you’ll be able to take control of your life.

Things you know you should be doing.. but aren’t!

Crazy I know, but we all do it! At times we find ourselves fighting  something that we already have the answer to, but for some reason we just aren’t putting that in to ACTION!

Paul and Sam face some home truths and admit their failings and what they are going to do to turn things around.

In this podcast we ask the question…..

What is it that you know you should be doing but for one reason or another, you just aren’t doing it!?

We’d really love to hear from you so why not post a comment below and tell us what that thing is! If you are really brave you can tell us what you are going to do about it.

Putting the “Happy” back in to your New Year!


We’ve all said it, so why then, when we do hit the new year, there doesn’t seem to be anything HAPPY about it!?

Learn how to put some spring back in to your 2009

Sam and Paul talk about breaking out of the Holiday season habits. Paul vows to reduce his game time in WoW (World of Warcraft) and Sam resolves things that she has been putting up with.

Now the parties are over it’s time to put some structure and routine back into your life.

Make 2009 Your Best Year Ever

Well, you made it. You made it through one more year. 2008 has come and gone and if you’re like most people these days, it probably went much much faster than you anticipated. In fact, the last two, three or five years probably went by much faster than you not only anticipated, but also wanted. Hmmm….how about the last nine years? Do you remember celebrating the dawn of the New Millenium? That was nine full years ago…hmmm..time flies doesn’t it?!

So here’s a thought….what would you do differently if you new that this year will also fly by faster than you thought, faster than you want? How long would you put off doing what you want to do? Continue reading

Spring into the New Year!

Give yourself the best start for 2009,

by following these 5 simple steps:

  1. De-clutter your home and your work environment.
    Clear surfaces and floors. Give all the clothes you haven’t worn the past year to charity. Throw out old newspapers and magazines.  You’ll feel more energized and be able to think more clearly in a clean, clear space!
  2. Spring into action.
    Start a realistic and achievable exercise programme. Get off the bus one stop earlier. Walk the children to school.  Swim, gym, pilates and yoga are all wonderful body toners. And you’ll be releasing those feel-good endorphins too!
  3. Spring clean your mind.
    Identify one area of your life that’s crying out for change. Make a list of short-, medium- and long-term goals. Then take regular, small steps towards achieving them. Your confidence levels will soar. And you’ll be moving to a brighter future.
  4. Reward yourself.
    Remember to always acknowledge your achievements, big and small. Giving yourself a regular pat on the back will help motivate you. From new make-up, or a facial, to a girls’ night out. Be your own cheerleader!
  5. Get a life coach.
    If you’re ripe for change, want to achieve your goals, and just need a guiding hand to get there, life coaching is the perfect springboard. You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve in just a few sessions.

Road Through Redundancy

Speaking to a friend yesterday, he was feeling pretty down because his redundancy takes effect today. The week before Christmas and BAM – no job. Just like that, after 9.5 years of service.

Now, we all know there is a lot of uncertainty, gloom & pressure in the broadcast view of the economic climate at the moment; but it is still a shock when it impacts directly on someone you know (and even more if it happens to you!)

Then after a 15 minute conversation, he was not only feeling a bit better – but he’d gone from feeling like he had no real prospects in the New Year, to having a lot to look forward to! Continue reading

So what is coaching?

Life Coaching is still a relatively new profession especially here in the UK. In this episode Gina and Paul discuss some of the differences between coaching, counseling and mentoring.

What Will You Be Celebrating?

Regardless of whether you normally set Resolutions or not – what will you be celebrating when New Year’s rolls around?

During the Festive Season, it can be easy to focus on what you are not happy with or what you *still* haven’t done, and even easier to forget about the progress you really have made in 2008.

Exploring what you have achieved, the challenges you’ve overcome or the problems you’ve solved can really give you a strong foundation for setting your Intentions for 2009!

Join us to discover just how and what you could be celebrating this year and next (without the hangovers)!