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When we hit the milestone of 120,000 downloads, our listeners’ favourite Top 10 podcasts were:-

  1. Breakthrough : What is a breakthrough, and how do I get one if I want one? Breakthrough with Tony Robbins, a new series being shown in the USA, inspired Chris and Paul to talk about what a breakthrough is and how even the most simple changes can lead to dramatic results. Results may not be instantaneous but with time and some reflection you could find your very own breakthroughs too.
  2. Stuck in Inaction : Feel like you are going nowhere? We might label it as laziness or procrastinating at those times when we really don’t feel like we’re making any head-way at all. But what is really going on? Join Paul & Sam as they explore how to tell which direction you’re facing, whether you’re moving or not, and some ways that you can start to measure & track your progress so that you are always clear on the action that is needed.
  3. Information Overload : “How do you know when you’ve got enough information & how to put into practice. How do you avoid becoming overwhelmed with knowledge?” In this podcast Paul and Gina talk through their own experiences with “Analysis Paralysis” and give a few tips and tricks on how to deal with info overload.
  4. Procrastination : Why do we sometimes keep putting things off? Paul and Gina tackle the subject of procrastination and what we can do to check our motivation and make sure we start doing the things that are really important to us, even if they aren’t very exciting!
  5. Rollercoaster Ride : Does life sometimes feel like a rollercoaster ride with heady peaks and stomach-churning troughs? It would be great if we could learn to balance it out a bit so that it flowed more smoothly, and we could actually start to enjoy the ride. Sam joins Paul on his train-journey of discovery into how we can keep the momentum and motivation flowing when we need it most!
  6. Fake It Til You Make It : Ever had to ‘force’ yourself into action, or indulged your desire to avoid whatever it is? Join Sam and Guest Podcaster Wyn Morgan – Executive Coach – as they discuss how one well-timed and well-chosen question can open up doors of options, energy and immediate action to get us through those times we just want to avoid!
  7. Financial Awareness : Do you know where your money goes? Even a little bit of measuring can make a world of difference when it comes to understanding where your money really does go – and once that awareness is there making informed decisions becomes so much easier. Paul and Sam talk about building awareness of their finances to help them keep them in the black and out of the red! *Note: We are not financial advisors and therefore cannot give financial advice!*
  8. Morning HabitsIf you have to drag yourself out of bed in the mornings, do you know how this affects the rest of your day? Starting with low energy means everything feels more draining and difficult. But if you get off to a good start with a quick routine that boosts your energy immediately, then chances are you’ll have a much better day too! Join Chris and Sam as they discuss this tip from 80 Tips, Tricks & Perspective Shifts for Everyday Action – and find out how one simple change (or a combination of them) will transform your whole day and leave you feeling great.
  9. Not Feeling Listened To : How does it feel when you are speaking to someone and it seems like your words are passing through the air between you, going in one of their ears, and out their other ear almost simultaneously? Join Chris and Sam as they explore the differences between hearing and listening, how it affects our communication when we feel like we aren’t being listened to, and what we can start doing to improve the effectiveness of our speaking and listening straight away.
  10. Feeling out of control? : Sometimes bad stuff happens. Is it possible to move from a sense of having lost control, to a position where we can feel more resourceful and better able to cope? Join Paul and Sam as they discuss how your Locus of Control affects your responses and what you can do to start shifting it in the right direction.