Learn to Overcome Your Shyness Before it Overcomes You


Are you a shy person?

When you’re around a crowd of people you don’t know, do you sometimes wish the floor would just swallow you up? Is it your biggest fear to have to speak in front of a large audience? When you enter a room, do you want to just go unnoticed? If you were able to relate to any of these scenarios, then yes you are a shy person.

While constantly seeking attention and desiring to be in the centre of conversations are not always good, being overly shy can be just as bad. Announcing your entrance at a party can turn people off just as much as not opening you mouth and making eye contact during a conversation. Yes, it may be a challenge to strike a balance between the two, but once you learn how; you’ll see just how easy it actually is and how much better your social life and relationships will be!

There are many reasons why a person feels overly shy. In many cases, people feel too conscious about themselves—what they’re wearing, how they look, and their speech all these result to feeling so awkward and shy in front of people. There are also other who have such a negative self-evaluation that they feel they will never measure up to people’s expectations, thus they feel extremely shy facing people.

Again, it’s okay to feel shy every once in a while but when that feeling starts to take over your life and hinder your actions then it becomes wrong.

Below are a few quick tips on how to overcome that feeling of shyness before it overcomes you.

  1. Stop feeling self-conscious. Unbelievably the people around you are all too busy with their own concerns to even notice and scrutinise you.

  1. Acknowledge your strengths. What are you good at? Focus on it instead of what you think you lack.

  1. Stop trying to conform to everyone. Just be yourself and accept that you have your own awkwardness. That’s fine.

  1. Release your anxieties through physical activities. Always feeling self-conscious are signs of anxiety. Release the pressure through jogging and working out.

  1. Affirm yourself of your strengths and capabilities. Dwell on these instead of always sulking on the things that you think you’re too weak at.

  1. Never take rejection personally. Remember you are not the only one who experiences rejection, we all do. There’s really nothing personal about it. 

  1. Stop comparing yourself to others. You may never measure up to the smartest or most popular person at work, but believe it or not, you also have strengths that other people desire. So stop comparing yourself or setting standards that are too high to achieve. Love yourself for who you are! 

  1. Build on your social skills. Practice being around people and interacting with them. This will help boost your self-confidence. You may still have episodes of shyness, but just keep practicing and you’ll get better.

  1. Learn to accept your weaknesses. No one is perfect, even the person you most admire isn’t, so stop trying to be one. Just accept that you have you own shortcomings. We all do.

  1. The next time you’re in front of people or in a social gathering and you begin having episodes of uncontrollable shyness, take deep breaths to calm yourself.