If you don’t succeed at first, try a different way!


We’re funny old things, human beings. All too often we give up if something doesn’t work. Or we don’t get the success or results we’d dreamed of straight away. We often have such a ‘right way’ belief about how things should be done, we don’t stop to consider alternative ways of reaching and achieving our desired end result.

In today’s podcast, Paul and Gina share ways you can act more creatively around securing job interviews, writing CVs, even creating an attractive advert for renting out your apartment (as Gina is doing right now).

It’s called A/B Testing. It’s normally associated with online marketing. By testing two different versions of an email you can see which one get the best response. You just keep doing this A/B test to hone your email and get the best response.

But why just limit this to online marketing? You can use this for so much more!

Listen to the podcast and find out how you can test your way to success.