Remember your dreams!

bucketlist1It’s all too easy to cast aside those amazing dreams you had as a child. Dreams and ideas of what you’d love to achieve, where you’d love to go, the kind of work you’d love to do – when you grew up. Everything seemed exciting and full of promise back then. We were looking at the world through eyes of innocence. At least during the Seventies!

Granted, you might not actually want to be an astronaut in later life, but there are many things we park, as we get embroiled in marriages, mortgages, kids and just surviving.

In today’s podcast, Paul and Gina discuss ways in which you can re-connect to your lost and abandoned dreams. And begin manifesting them in your life today.

There’s nothing more exciting than ticking off a ‘to create’ list and realising that you have, in fact made your dreams come true. Check out the fab movie ‘Bucket List‘ for more inspiration!