Change the Rules

Do you ever find yourself wishing you could do things but they just seem so far our of your reach they are even worth trying?

Paul and Gina talk about taking some advice from Tim Ferris to “Change the Rules”

When Paul decided he wanted to write a book so time ago, he struggled with the dread of having to start such a mammoth task from scratch. But after going to see Tim Ferris speak in London, Paul decides to change his on rules in what it takes to create a book. Looking back over the years Paul has written many blog posts and has decided to use these as a foundation for his book.

To get things going Paul is using the Scrivener app to collect all the parts of his book and turn it into something that works. You can have a look and download the program for windows or Mac’s from their website:-

Scrivener from Literature and Latte

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What have you been putting off, that you felt was simply unachievable? How could you change the rules to make it happen?