Fear of rejection: You can connect with people more confidently


Do you ever feel that you could do better when connecting with other people?

Maybe it’s making a connection with someone new, or rekindling an old relationship that’s lapsed.

Often the fear of how someone else will react to our attempts to reach out to them can hold us back. Everyone gets a little nervous to some degree or another when they need to take that first step. It’s our expectation of how we are going to be perceived that puts us off.

  • Try thinking about what you can do for them, instead of why you need them.
  • Boost them up by explaining you really what their help, because you respect them and would appreciate some direction from them.
  • It might not be the perfect moment for them, so make sure you check that up front. It will take the pressure off them telling you they are busy right now, and maybe scheduling some time with you later.
  • Try to find a common connection that you can both share and relate to. Avoid anything that is one sided.

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If you have any other suggestions on how to connect with people more confidently, let us know!