Do Your Beliefs Hold You Back at Work?

Our beliefs are assumptions that we make – with conviction – about how things are and how they should be.

We develop our beliefs from what we experience, see, read, feel and think about, and they are formed both by the objective facts and subjective stories we create to make sense of what we observe.

This applies not only how we see ourselves but also how we see other people.

So what do you believe about…

  • What it takes to get the next promotion?
  •  What really impresses your boss?
  •  What the people you manage most value from you?
  • Why your clients are ‘so demanding’?
  • Managing your emails versus investing time in more high value, strategic initiatives?

We tend not to question our beliefs because we are so certain about them and many of them stem from years of real-world experience.  But sometimes we cling to an old belief that no longer serves us, that prevents us from taking the necessary action to resolve a situation or to fully capitalise on a new opportunity.

Empowering beliefs help us to confidently make changes and decisions. Limiting beliefs do the exact opposite and often hold us back from taking the necessary action to move forward. For example, we hesitate to have a ‘difficult conversation’ with a colleague because we think it will be more painful to face the issue than actively seek a solution.

Our limiting beliefs are often based on assumptions that are not true.  For example, that your boss won’t allow you to switch projects to take on a new challenge, or that your clients are afraid to take risks.

It is always a healthy path to personal growth to challenge your beliefs from time to time, to take a fresh perspective or even to ask for outside input to help you clear away the barriers that hold you back.

Speak to someone this week – or ask us for our thoughts – about your beliefs and be open to leaving some limiting beliefs behind and adopting more empowering beliefs to keep you moving forward.