What Does it Mean to be Healthy?

Capoeira Arte Brasileira by Fábio Pinheiro

How do you define health? How do you know when you’re healthy? In this podcast Chris and Sam challenge you to stop and think about your own approach to maintaining good health.

Is health the absence of illness? Or is it maximum energy and vitality? What you believe – both consciously and unconsciously – about your personal health will have a dramatic impact on how you think, behave and respond to health challenges.

We all have a core philosophy about what creates, maintains or restores health and for many people their beliefs are a direct result of what their parents pass on to them (…and whose parents parents pass down to them). Or we might follow the general attitudes of our cultures and societies. But is that serving us to live each and every day with sustainable, high levels of vibrancy, energy and action

Listen to Sam and Chris debate this important topic and decide which of your own beliefs are worth re-evaluating.

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