Why Would You Have a Coach and a Mentor?

The terms “Coach” and “Mentor” are often used interchangeably. But what really is the difference, and would you ever need to have a coach and a mentor at the same time?

During this podcast Paul asks Sam about her recent experience with a writing mentor. After a successful personal challenge last year, Sam wrote 30,000 words for her first book in just 30 days! But Sam had her confidence knocked with some poorly delivered feedback, so she has now engaged a writing coach to help her take her writing and the book to the next level.

Mentors tend to be focused on a very specific area where as coaching is more fluid, it frequently changes direction and moves with the client.

Mentors often to have extensive experience in a specific field whereas Coaches guide the client to rely on their own experiences instead.

Mentors will set tasks for the client, but Coaches help the client set their own but ensure they are appropriate and SMART!


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