Sleep Problems – Reasons and Solutions for Insomina

Sleep problemsSleep is vital to our well-being, but (a bit like our health) we tend to take it for granted when all is well, and only start to appreciate it more when problems arise.

Suffering from Insomnia?

Whether you’ve been troubled by occasional or chronic insomnia, had vivid dreams that you wake from feeling exhausted, tossed and turned all night or had an injury/illness that affected the quality of your sleep, sleep problems can affect everything from your appetite, ability to concentrate, your mood (irritability!) to your energy levels, happiness and effectiveness.

Causes of Sleep Problems

Sometimes there are obvious reasons for why we don’t sleep well:

  • We might be stressed about a particular issue, person or scenario
  • We may have had a late meal or cup of coffee
  • We could have been too hot, too cold or too ill

But a lot of the time the reasons for poor sleep are less obvious, and this is when changes to our sleep quality can signal that we need to pay attention to something. A bad night’s sleep can have a purposeful message for us!

Solutions for a Better Nights Sleep

Sleep problems might indicate that we need to make a change to our evening routine, that there are specific actions we need to take to address an issue that is stressing us out, that there might be an underlying fear or concern that we don’t realise is bothering us or even that we just need to be a bit more gentle and understanding with ourselves. There is nothing worse than the frustration of fighting for sleep when you know you are desperately tired!

Join Paul and Sam as they discuss insomnia, how sleep problems start a process of awareness for them, and some of the different ways that can help us triumph over tiredness!

Do you suffer from intermittent or chronic sleep problems too? It is often thought that the amount of sleep we each need varies from person to person, but we don’t always take the time to learn about what our bodies most need. Share with us whether you know your sleep needs inside-out, or whether sleep problems are something you are plagued by. Is there something you do to combat poor quality sleep?