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Making Accountability Work for You

If you’ve ever gotten to the end of your day, and wondered what the hell you’d been working on despite having felt very busy and productive, then a dose of accountability might be exactly what you need!

Being consciously aware of what we’ve achieved is great for our general sense of well-being and contribution, and it can also significantly boost our confidence. But in the busyness of life, it can be easy to forget, overlook or play down the extent of what we’ve achieved – and by choosing to be accountable to someone (or some thing), we give ourselves key moments to reflect on our productivity and achievement, and whether our system of prioritising is working well for us.

Join Paul and Sam as they explore some different options for adding a helpful dose of accountability into your day, and even what some of the unexpected benefits might be!

How to Cope with Major Challenges

We haven’t even reached the end of January, yet so far 2012 has been full of challenges.

I’ve been struggling with the discovery that one of our beloved cats, Patsy, has developed a cancerous growth on her leg. We had been told that it wasn’t the type of tumor that spreads. So the prognosis was that removal of the growth would be relatively easy.

We checked Patsy into the animal hospital early January to undergo surgery that cost more than £2000, and as far as we are concerned, worth every penny. During the operation the surgeon discovered a further two “nodules”, which he also removed and sent off for analysis.

It’s now two weeks since Patsy had her operation and her recovery has been amazing. She’s back to her old bouncy self. However one of the nodules tested positive for cancerous cells – just when we thought everything was going so well. We are now left not knowing if all the tumours have been removed or if they have spread to other places in her body. So we have no idea if Patsy will be with us in 4-6 months time, or live for another 8-9 years.

Coming to terms with not knowing can be a struggle, even at the best of times. When it’s something like this it’s even harder. You don’t know whether to grieve or celebrate and nothing seems to help. We’ve realised that no matter how long the uncertainty lasts, the main priority is for us to enjoy spending time with and loving Patsy – however long she’s got. Whether it’s a few months or a few years, we are now committed to cherishing every moment with her.Continue reading

A Question of Morbid Motivation?

Inspired by a topic suggestion from one of our favourite listeners, comes a moment of morbid curiosity…

If you died tomorrow – what would people say about you, and your life? What would you want them to say?

Instead of waiting until it is arguably too late and face the top 5 common regrets (see the article below), contemplating the question of our own mortality can actually be very motivating.

Sam & Gina discuss how their own experiences have helped shape their lives and their actions, and take a light-hearted look at the fact that we don’t ever know when our ‘time’ will come. What would you be inspired to do if you realised you’d regret never having done it?

Click here to see the topic suggestion Rob shared on Facebook, and the article that inspired it.

The Value of Things

Ever wondered why we can happily spend £200 on something, and then bemoan the £5 cost of something else a short while later?

The types of things we are willing to spend more money on will vary for each of us (e.g. think gadgets, clothes, car, or entertainment), and this is based on more than just the retail value of the product or service.

For the next 30 seconds, think about the main things you spend the most money on and write a short list. You should be able to come up with 3-5 things pretty easily. Include things that you may not purchase very frequently, but that you spend a fair bit on when you do.

I really encourage you to record them in some way – because there’s a lot this list can tell you!

Dr John Demartini talks about the correlation between what we spend our money on, and what our values are.

For example, I spend quite a bit on Continue reading

You Can Do The Impossible

Our very own “Nina Simone”, Gina Baksa starts off the show with her own version of “Feeling Good”.

Gina and Paul talk about overcoming hurdles to achieve things that were out of their own comfort zones. With the support of others and a little practice, it’s amazing how much you can achieve. The impossible becomes reality.

Finding the freedom to do what you want is always a challenge. Your inner voice does its best to try and put you off doing anything new. By externalising your fears, either by talking about them to others, or even by sending a simple text message as we mentioned in the show, you can turn down that voice to a quiet whisper and allow yourself to focus on just doing what you first thought would never be possible.


The Forgotten Purpose of Goals and New Year Resolutions

Why do people set goals?

What is the point of making new year’s resolutions, intentions, or ambitions for you?

Are they to achieve something important? To acquire new accolades? Or simply to gain material things that add to the joy of life?

As an avid goal setter for 10 years now (…in fact, the date of my first entry in the notebook where I write my goals is January 2, 2002. Exactly ten years ago), I’ve set my share of grand ambitions and planned for smaller pleasures.

I’ve covered the range from traveling to far away places, experiencing some of the world’s most fascinating events, and learning new skills to advance my career, health, finances and relationships.

When I look back on my list, there is a strong theme of ‘accomplishment’. I wanted to accomplish things and experience stuff and by-and-large, I did just that.

Yet along my journey my perspective has changed.Continue reading

Turn the Tables of Judgement!

Angry Mandy!
It’s all too easy to make snap judgements with friends and loved ones. If someone upsets us, we often go into immediate reaction with statements like: “You always…” or “You never…”.

Not the best way to engage and make positive emotional connections! It simply makes the other person shut down. Sam and Gina discuss the J-word vis-a-vis their own relationships. And offer 3 helpful tips on how we can check in on our own behaviour – and make powerful adjustments – before we start projecting and blaming others. 

Eliminate. Don’t Accumulate

How much ‘stuff’ have you collected over the years? Are you paying hundreds a year just to leave it in storage?

Do you buy things you don’t really need – upgrading whenever a new and better version appears?

Are you in debt as a result of buying more and more ‘stuff’?

Do you feel trapped in a job you hate, just because you need the money to pay off the debt you’ve incurred by accumulating?

If you’ve answered ‘yes!’ to just a few of these questions, then you’ll appreciate this short inspiring TED talk from Adam Baker.

Forget New Year’s Resolutions! Do What You Love!

New Year’s Resolutions are a waste of time. It’s official! As soon as you tell yourself you’ve got to give something up, or deny yourself – every fibre in your being wants it just that little bit (or a lot) more!

So, instead of purgatory, why not go for what you LOVE instead? Paul and Gina discuss the fine art of creation… and the 3 fundamental aspects of creativity: germination, assimilation and creation.