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Healthy Habits of Success for 2012


So the end of 2011 is almost here, many people may be tempted to make some New Years Resolutions, but we all know how well they work, don’t we? But it still a great time to turn over a new leaf, so to speak. So how about making the decision to start the new year with some new healthy habits of success instead?

Stephen Covey’s [amazon ASIN=”0684858398″]7 habits of highly effective people[/amazon] is a great place to start for some good examples. Wiki-pedia has a great summary of them, which will save you a lot of reading! Here is a quick run through to get you going:-

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2011 End of Year Review

This is a very special podcast as it includes all the ActionPodcast coaches. Join Paul, Sam, Chris and Gina as they talk about their experiences with ActionPodcast in the last year.

We talk about the comments we received from our listeners always make our day, so when we get them we really are delighted.

Also what podcast topics or blog posts have made us as ActionPodcast coaches sit up and really take on board what some one the others have said. Even though we talk about personal development all the time, and coach clients, we still find there are things we can learn from the other coaches.

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Gift-wrapped Kindness

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted—Aesop

Two things have struck a chord within me in the last 24 hours…

The first is the quote to the right, which was in a newsletter sent out by my coach Jennie (you can read some of her Tips here). The second was a sentiment expressed by my colleague – that “volunteering and supporting our community is essential throughout the year. It’s not just for Christmas!”

And as I look forward to celebrating Christmas day with some dear friends, and sharing the festive spirit with my loved ones, it makes me wonder whether my acts of kindness sometimes come with strings attached…

Whilst our motivations for doing something to help someone might come from a genuine place, do we hold expectations of how our kindness will be received?Continue reading

Xmas Xcess

Card 21

With just one week to go the festive period is already in full swing. Now is your change to blow everything that you’ve worked so hard for over the last year……..

Well of course that’s what everyone is saying to each other to justify the over eating, drinking, late nights and everything that comes with the holiday.

Now at ActionPodcast, we certainly don’t want you to think we are total kill-joys, but it would be great if you recognised that you do have a choice.

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5 Things That Will Make You Achieve Your 2012 Goals…or Not

Success beyond the obstacles

It may be arbitrary but the turn of a new year is a perfect opportunity to set a plan for what you want to experience, create, have and do over the next 12 months.

Part of what spurns us on to thinking about our future is the middle of December to early January, for most, is a time where we have time less time at work and spend more time with friends and family. This end of year cycle is a perfect catalyst for reconnecting with what matters most.

But knowing what matters (or what you want to achieve) and making it so are wildly different things.

Having spent a huge portion of my adult life investigating what makes the difference between ‘those who achieve what they want’ and ‘those who try but don’t, or don’t really try at all’, I’ve learnt that 99% of the time it comes down to five factors.Continue reading

Turn Regret Into Action

No Regrets....

No Regrets...

This is a time of the year when our thoughts turn reflective as we look back at the year we’ve had.

Can you say there’s nothing you regret?

Chris and Sam reckon it’s not too late to turn things around – whether it is something that didn’t happen or something that didn’t turn out as you’d hoped. Pick one thing you’d like to either resolve or at least progress a little, before the year is out. (We help out with some relationship examples). The more emotionally charged the better!

A baby step could see you dissolving a regret, freeing up some emotional energy or creating a stronger foundation to move forward from in 2012.

Make a real difference to this year and your relationships this week!

Female Executives – 5 Ways to Beat the Burnout

Can't shake this exhaustion

This podcast helps you beat the burnout with 5 top tips.

The run-up to Christmas is an especially fraught time – especially for many female executives who are also juggling a family, parents and husbands/partners! Paul and Gina discuss simple ways you can take stock of your work and home life, and take immediate action to avoid meltdown in the pre- and post-holiday period.

The most obvious symptom of burnout is often exhaustion—a fatigue you just can’t kick, even by taking a few days off. But there’s more to it than just being tired. You may even experience a loss of enthusiasm that often results in your doing the bare minimum, as well as a loss of faith in your abilities.  You may be short-tempered and even overreact to minor things. No matter what you do, you can’t get all of it done well. You could actually start making more mistakes than usual or begin allow things to fall through the cracks.

Listen to this podcast for some great instant tips to help you beat burnout!