It’s Thanksgiving (every Monday!)

Being based in the UK we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here. But it did make me smile when an American friend of mine reminded me that it was tomorrow.

I celebrate my own style of Thanksgiving every Monday morning. That can be pretty hard some Mondays I can tell you! But I have to admit, once I get into the swing of things it’s actually pretty easy an very rewarding.

So what is Thanksgiving Monday? Well as part of my Morning Pages, I have a segment at the start that I do just on Monday mornings. I write a short paragraph of things that I’ve truly grateful for. It varies each time, sometimes it’s something basic like my health, other times it can be something much come complex and personal. I’ve ben doing this for several weeks now since I read about it in a book I’ve been reading called [amazon ASIN=”023074429X”]:59 Seconds by Richard Wiseman.[/amazon] It’s a technique he recommends to increase happiness in your life. I must admit I was a little doubtful at first but following his guide I thought I’ll give it a go. He recommends similar things on the other days of the week, but the Monday Thanksgiving has been the most powerful for me.

It’s been so many different things to experience writing down what I’m thankful for, it’s actually quite hard to put into words. But I can safely say that it’s one of the most inspiring and uplifting things I’ve done in a very long time.

So if you are celebrating tomorrow I hope you have a truly wonderful time, but come next week when the party has all too soon become a hazy distant memory, start your own weekly thanksgiving ritual.