Tapping to success!

If I was to tell you that one simple technique has helped me manage a severe phobia, deal with intense emotional extremes and remove blocks I’ve struggled with all my life, would you be interested?

I’d hope you were at least curious… I’d even welcome scepticism!

And I would definitely want to share it with you – because it has personally helped me so much that I feel it is one of the most valuable tools you can have in your daily toolkit.

So, what is this mystery skill? It is called EFT, or emotional freedom technique.

It is simple to use, quick to learn and can be applied to almost any situation or issue.

You may have heard of acupuncture or acupressure, which stimulate the body’s energy system by applying needles or pressure to key points (or meridians) along the body’s energy channels. EFT works similarly through gentle tapping on the meridians making it less invasive – and is sometimes referred to as “psychological acupressure”.

I am very grateful that I was introduced to it about 12 years ago by two Aussie masters (thanks guys!) who have contributed some brilliant variations of the technique and helped make it more accessible.

If you want more info on the history of the technique or mechanics of it first, I’ve recorded a short audio extract giving an overview of what it is and why it should be used; and for more details including videos and research studies, EFT Downunder is a great place to start.

But if you are keen to dive straight in, a key resource that can help you start using this amazing technique immediately is Brad Yates’ YouTube Channel – which has ~200 short videos on different issues you can apply EFT to, so that you can easily follow along with his tapping.

EFT has reduced my arachnophobia responses from hysterical (off-the-scales) to a point where I was recently able to get a beer glass over a spider that was bigger than my palm; so imagine what it could do for you!

I’ve decided to try something new too, and have created a special video* (below) – to accompany this blog post making it even easier for you to get started. Plus, I’ve got a couple of great action challenges for you to try:

    • Each day for a week, pick one of Brad Yates’ videos and tap along to it. Use the same video or a range of different ones, and just pay attention to whether anything changes and how you feel.
    • Or, try either the Karate Chop or Finger Sequence (SET) that I share in my video for one day – using it for one minute every hour or any time you’re a bit stressed – and just notice how you feel.

Now remember – you don’t need to be convinced that it will work. I find it even more amazing because it can help you in everyday life no matter whether you believe it will work or not! Just put it into action for a day or a week and see what happens!

It might take a bit of time before it becomes your default response to a stressful or emotional situation, but it doesn’t take much for it to provide lasting relief.

Share with us whether you’ve taken up one of my challenges, and what your experience was like : do you remain a sceptic or have you just discovered a technique that could change your life?

* I was even able to use these unobtrusive tapping tools to cope with an intensely emotional funeral this week too.