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How to Keep Your Heart Open When You’ve Been Hurt

In the spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.
Alfred Lord Tennyson

Heart speaks louder than words

A FABULOUS QUOTE, which is equally attributable to us women of course! Yet when Tennyson penned his immortal lines, the fairer sex were not supposed to show outward, public signs of lust and longing. To make up for this, there was feverish letter writing, many an attack of the vapours (probably due to tight corsetry), and many a hushed chaperoned visit with the object of one’s desire.  There was no word for sex when Tennyson wrote this either, so the word ‘love’ encompassed the whole gamut of heart/mind/body attraction.

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The Myth of Confidence

We love getting topic suggestions! And this one from Libby was posted on our Facebook pageThe Myth of Confidence

Hey guys I just have a small question that maybe could be addressed…. I know you have done podcasts in the past with regards to confidence in scary situations both personal and professional, but are there any tricks for removing limited beliefs and self doubt?? I understand that the switch needs to be made from negative to positive thought patterns, especially in scary situations which have to be addressed… I think it’s to do with self belief and I know the theory but I’m still struggling to ‘get there’ in terms of strong self confidence, which I think could be one of the things holding me back from my desires and goals….

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It’s Thanksgiving (every Monday!)

Being based in the UK we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here. But it did make me smile when an American friend of mine reminded me that it was tomorrow.

I celebrate my own style of Thanksgiving every Monday morning. That can be pretty hard some Mondays I can tell you! But I have to admit, once I get into the swing of things it’s actually pretty easy an very rewarding.

So what is Thanksgiving Monday? Well as part of my Morning Pages, I have a segment at the start that I do just on Monday mornings. I write a short paragraph of things that I’ve truly grateful for. It varies each time, sometimes it’s something basic like my health, other times it can be something much come complex and personal. I’ve ben doing this for several weeks now since I read about it in a book I’ve been reading called [amazon ASIN=”023074429X”]:59 Seconds by Richard Wiseman.[/amazon] It’s a technique he recommends to increase happiness in your life. I must admit I was a little doubtful at first but following his guide I thought I’ll give it a go. He recommends similar things on the other days of the week, but the Monday Thanksgiving has been the most powerful for me.

It’s been so many different things to experience writing down what I’m thankful for, it’s actually quite hard to put into words. But I can safely say that it’s one of the most inspiring and uplifting things I’ve done in a very long time.

So if you are celebrating tomorrow I hope you have a truly wonderful time, but come next week when the party has all too soon become a hazy distant memory, start your own weekly thanksgiving ritual.

It’s Time to Face Your Elephant


Do you find yourself taking care of a lot of fairly small, quite inconsequential things when there is a really big issue that trying to get your attention?

A difficult conversation, situation or an old issue that knocks your confidence?

We all do it at times and in this podcast, Chris and Paul discuss WHY this happens and more importantly, what you can DO to face the ‘elephant in your room’ with greater ease, confident and success than you’re currently imagining.

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Tapping to success!

If I was to tell you that one simple technique has helped me manage a severe phobia, deal with intense emotional extremes and remove blocks I’ve struggled with all my life, would you be interested?

I’d hope you were at least curious… I’d even welcome scepticism!

And I would definitely want to share it with you – because it has personally helped me so much that I feel it is one of the most valuable tools you can have in your daily toolkit.

So, what is this mystery skill? It is called EFT, or emotional freedom technique.

It is simple to use, quick to learn and can be applied to almost any situation or issue.

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Before you can move on, you must be happy with where you are now

Here at ActionPodcast, we focus a lot on moving forward and setting goals. During this episode we spend some time talking about how you can make sure that you progress from a happy starting place.

Learning to recognise your successes so far can really help change your perspective on your current situation. By acknowledging the good things that you have achieved recently will make a dramatic difference because moving forward from a great place is far easier than trying to escape a negative rut that you may believe you are in.


What if your problem isn’t the problem?

It’s an inevitable part of being human: facing challenges, resolving issues, dealing with problems.

These often unpleasant and uncomfortable parts of our life can attract a lot of our attention. They can absorb a lot of our energy and take us away from other things that are more rewarding, important and fulfilling.

Perhaps recently you’ve been spending an extraordinary amount of your time on a problem.

How can you tell if it’s just a symptom you’ve been focusing on?

But what if the attention you’re giving it is misguided?

What if your energy is being wasted?

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One Reason Why You’re Not As Successful As You Want To Be

Sometimes, when we want to achieve something, complete something or simply get started, we can see obstacles that lie before us.

What’s harder is seeing the obstacles that lie within us.

In this podcast, Chris and Paul discuss one of the things we do that can delay our progress and ultimately, our success. We’re all guilty at times and this podcast can help you see it – and eliminate it – quickly, so you can experience the success you deserve, sooner than you would otherwise.

Are you addicted to struggle?

Give up the fight!
Ever find yourself taking the longest, most arduous, most emotionally, mentally and physically taxing route to where you’re trying to reach? Stressing and stressing, adrenals on full alert, till you reach your goal – exhausted, yet victorious! Are you addicted to the ‘hurts so good’ syndrome? Are you addicted to struggle?

I’ve been on what seems like a permanent cycle of super-charged “let’s go for the uber challenge” route most of my adult life. And only recently have I made a conscious decision to get off the bloody hamster wheel. And let myself off the proverbial hook. There’s a good reason why Wayne Dyer chose to call his seminal book: Life Was Not Meant To Be A Struggle.

When I first flicked through his homilies, 20 years ago on a road trip from rainy Adelaide to sweat-stained Darwin, I could barely contain my cynicism. What did he know!? Life was tough, of course it was. How could it be anything different? Arrogance of youth, or rather ignorance of youth. I’d never know it to be anything else. So I left that book of wisdom in a mall bookshop in Alice Springs, and never looked back. Until years later, when I finally understood what the guy meant. With the benefit of hindsight – and 20 year’s life experience – I can see he was right all along.

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