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Get More From Your Time

Time flies when you’re having fun, but time also flies by when you’re being really unproductive!

In this podcast Paul and Chris discuss their simple strategies for maximising the use of their time, with emphasis on the process of planning. If you are looking to improve your effectiveness, get more done or simply live less stressful days, one of these tips might just be the breakthrough you are seeking.

Let us know which tip you’d like to try and any questions you’d like us to answer by leaving a comment below.


How To Stop Losing Motivation Right Now!

You know the feeling, you start out on a new path to better health, being more organised or some other goal that you know is really important to you.

At the beginning you feel like you’ve thought everything through and you’re really motivated to get going. Everything seems to be going great! Your plans have paid off and your journey towards your goal couldn’t seem easier.

So… why do you begin to slip?

Unless something happens to get you back on track, your goals seem to fade into obscurity.

You find yourself missing the odd gym session, and not being quite as organised. Whatever it is, you can feel yourself slipping back into your old ways. Unless something happens to get you back on track, your goals seem to fade into obscurity and before you know it, weeks have passed since you did anything you initially planned so hard for.

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How to be fully engaged in whatever you do

In this podcast, Chris and Gina discuss how being fully engaged in whatever you do can bring surprising results. Whether it’s taking part in an Ironman triathlon – good luck Chris! – or just being more present with colleagues at work or in your relationships, putting your focus on your end result is a winning formula.

Rise To Your Own Challenge

Life can often throw up it’s own unique challenges, however creating your own challenges can be an extremely effect way to develop yourself in a direction of your own choosing.

Recently Paul challenged Chris and Sam to record a 1 minute video each day. As this wasn’t something we do frequently, it was a great way for us to test the waters and see what resistance our inner voice can come up with (Note from Paul: “sometimes I like to think of it as my inner ‘jerk’!”).

It’s truly amazing how resistant you can become to trying something new, and yet once you actually get into the swing of it, you begin to wonder why as it seems so simple and natural.

During this podcast Paul and Chris talk about some of the ways you can challenge yourself, and if you listen right to the very end, you can also challenge the presenters themselves!


The Skill of Moving from Selfish to Selfless

In a recent discussion with a client, I was reminded of the importance of recognising our skill and ability to shift from being in a selfish place to one of being selfless.

Both of these positions can be thought of as emotional states that we ‘go to’ in certain circumstances.

The person I was speaking with recognised that he had been behaving somewhat selfishly in his relationship with his family.

I posed the question: Was being selfish in that situation a bad thing?

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Letting Go

We’ve hit the season of Fall or Autumn as we call it here in the UK, very much a time of change and of letting go, as reflected in nature at this time of year.

Whether it be a relationship that’s no longer working, or a job that you want to leave, now is a very natural time of year to let go.

During this podcast Gina and Paul discuss the two phases of letting go. Firstly, identifying situations where it’s appropriate to let go. Secondly managing the results of implementing the change and gaining support through what can be a very difficult time.

Be Right Here. Right Now.

When life gets challenging, do you find yourself ruminating regretfully on the past? Searching for reasons to justify present dissatisfactions?

The anxiety producing “If only… you’d taken that job, married that person, moved countries, bought that flat, had different parents, gone to a different college, taken less drugs, taken more drugs, had more fun, travelled more, had children, not had children…

Ego, ergo
This ego-inspired reasoning, which keeps us in a state of disempowerment and impotence is endless. And endlessly demotivating. And it lures us away from the immense power of being fully conscious and fully present.
Right here, right now.

Or perhaps like many of us, you prefer to focus on the future to avoid feeling any present pain. Or taking action to move out of your current unease. The “What if…. line of anxiety producing self-enquiry… What if…. I get made redundant, make the wrong decision, my boyfriend/girlfriend leaves me, choose the wrong job, it all goes terribly wrong, lose all my money, feel lonely, etc. Projecting our fear into future events, which have yet to happen.

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