Is Happiness contagious?

What if performing a small act of kindness or compassion could make us feel happy?

What if that kindness made someone else happy too?

And what if that happiness was contagious – so that one small act of kindness could spread happiness not just to 2 people, but to the friends of friends of both those people? How cool would that be?!

Research shows that happiness IS contagious. It is also a skill that can be learnt, and is not set in stone by genetics or upbringing.

Happiness is hard to define, but one thing it is not is a final destination to be arrived at. It is something we all seek continuously, yet we don’t always achieve; and there are times when we can feel decidedly unhappy.

Maybe it is because we are looking in the wrong places. Or maybe we’re just focusing on the wrong things…

This was what I was contemplating as Mark Williamson spoke as part of a session entitled The Happiness Factor at the British Science Festival in Bradford last week. Mark was speaking in his capacity as the Director of Action for Happiness, and if I was excited about his talk – I was delighted to discover the website!

And as my act of kindness today I wanted to share it with you all.

Earlier this morning I would have said I was feeling unhappy – I wasn’t even sure I could write a blog post, let alone an inspiring one. But after exploring the Action for Happiness site, it is funny how my mood has changed!

At ActionPodcast we believe we always have a choice about our reactions, and we believe that small actions can lead to significant results. But even for us it can be easy to forget at times.

So I love that Action for Happiness blends passion and purpose; action steps with inspiration; science with community. I encourage you to explore the 10 Keys to Happier Living, watch some of the short videos and choose one action to take within the next 24 hours.

Let’s be part of a happiness virus – it is a great gift to ourselves as well as to share!