The Man Your Man Could Smell Like… Using Video to Raise your Visibility

Unless you’ve been on Mars or are a complete technophobe, you’ll have seen the hilarious viral video for Old Spice – The Man Your Man Could Smell Like and the latest version. Watch the original here – it has had more than 35 MILLION views as I write.

The Man Your Man Could Smell Like...

The Man Your Man Could Smell Like Old Spice

This tongue-in-cheek clip is an hilarious poke at the retro vibe of a ‘man’s man’ and as such appeals to both my generation who remember the original Old Spice ads (“the mark of a man”) as well as younger YouTube viewers who love the cocky,faux irreverent machismo humour. Beautifully scripted and delivered with bang on precision by actor Isaiah Mustafa these ads are helping Old Spice shift product like nothing before. Creating demand, where before there was but a trickle. Clever, eh? And very compelling.

Which brings me spicely on to… how do you advertise yourself? Specifically in your professional life? What are you doing to make you and your business as compelling and engaging as the Old Spice character?

Video Marketing = Increased Visibility
Being visible in today’s increasingly competitive digital markets is essential. And video is one highly effective way in which you can raise brand awareness and drive traffic to your website, all in one go. The new Old Spice Man video has received 35.5 MILLION views on YouTube (as I write). That’s what you call an audience – and then some.

Benefits of video marketing

1. Increased audience and greater visibility.

2. Engages the viewers’ emotions much more than written text.

3. 24/7 access via cell phones, iPods etc.

4. Thanks to Google’s Universal Search facility, video is now included in the search rankings. Hello SEO!

5. The key to greater audience share is to create quality content. Home videos with a pot plant coming out of your head just don’t cut it. Getting a professionally made video won’t cost you the earth.

6. You can duplicate your written content to video and offer more value to potential clients.

7. Ease of use. With a little practice you can create and upload your video content to YouTube relatively quickly. YouTube is FREE! And you create backlinks.

8. Landing pages that use video receive a higher conversion rate. It is much easier to make that ‘call to action’

9.  You can quickly establish your own particular niche or brand.

10. You can quickly position yourself as an expert.

Ways to promote yourself using video

Video Blogs
Fed up of receiving boring emails directing you to websites? Yes, me too. But if someone tags a link to a video with their Tweet or email, then I will usually go take a peek.  If your business is visually oriented (arts, design, property etc) a video blog would be a useful addition to your website and will help to create interest and drive traffic. You can establish a faster connection with your target market from the get-go and establish trust. Keep it short and sweet.

Video testimonials
Recording a series of happy clients is a great way to arouse interest and curiosity. Ask the more eloquent and passionate of your happy customers if they’d be happy to share their positive experiences on film. Again, keep it short and sweet. Viewers’ attention spans fade out after a few minutes.

Training Videos
Videos are a clever way – even mixed with audio – to train and instruct. A great way to reach potential clients who are visual learners. 


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