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Wombles clean up London after riots and looting

The riots and looting in London and other cities around the UK are shocking. An out of control mob mentality without conscience profiteering from a terrible situation. However, good always triumphs over thuggery. And the famous Brit Blitz spirit has surfaced yet again, resulting in flash mobs of so-called Wombles connecting via Twitter and Facebook to clean up Clapham, Battersea and other boroughs in the capital. Paul and Gina discuss how these groups of volunteers are sending a powerful message to the thugs: no matter what you do we will clean up and help our neighbours.

Something always positive comes out of negative events, and it’s been interesting to see how social networking has played a major part in bringing these Womble clean-up mobs together for the benefit of their own communities – and communities in other parts of London.


Suffering In The Silence Of Apathy

Recently I was discussing several topics with a client and something came up. It was a realisation that they didn’t really care about the topics we were skimming over. Nothing seemed to spark with the client, everything we talked about seem to just drift and feel unimportant.

That’s when my client revealed something to me (and provided permission to reveal it on here too). Their partner had told them that they were stuck in apathy. Continue reading

Turn Your Warning Signs Into Action

Warning signs serve a purpose: they signal that something needs to change. Yet we can get so caught up in life and its everyday dramas that we sometimes fail to heed the warnings.

In a recent blog post, Chris suggests it is worth reviewing your ‘current life’ twice a year, particularly to take an honest look at which parts are sending you warnings that something isn’t right – and that you might be ignoring!

Join Sam and Chris as they explore some of the ways to spot warning signs using Sam’s real-life experiences as an example, and how even the smallest changes can make a significant difference in helping you turn things around.

P.S. Since recording this, Sam has taken her two actions and really believes it is worth taking action before the warning signs become less subtle!

The Value of Love

How much do you think all your possessions are worth?

Do a quick calculation before you continue reading – even if it is just a guess off the top of your head.

This question was posed in the June 2011 issue of Psychologies Magazine, and (paraphrasing) it explains that new research* has found that when we feel loved and accepted by others, we are likely to decrease or underestimate the value of what we own because we derive a sense of protection and comfort from that love instead of needing it from our possessions.

I could rattle off a value based on my home contents insurance, but what struck me most was a comment about Continue reading

A Simple Technique to Eliminate Your Excuses

When we get really honest with ourselves, we realise that many of the ‘reasons’ why we haven’t done something, or don’t do what is necessary, are actually ‘excuses’ that we buy into more than we should. In this podcast, Sam and Chris provide a simple yet powerful technique to say goodbye to the barriers we create and hello to empowering action.

Put this technique into practice immediately and you’ll find your barriers are no longer as high or as strong, and taking action becomes a whole lot easier.

We’d love to hear how this works for you and if you have alternative versions that other ActionPodcast listeners would benefit from as well. Leave a comment on this podcast!

Is Your Current Life a Warning or an Example?

It’s been said that there are two ways to live: one as a warning to other people on what not to do, one as an example of how to live and create a life worth living.

I’d suggest it’s a good practice to review your ‘current life’ at least twice per year.

To stop and check in with yourself.

To take an honest look at which parts of your current life are giving you warnings that something isn’t right, yet you’re not heeding those warnings. Some examples could be:

  • Your body is asking for a detox yet you continue to eat everything & anything.Continue reading

Boost Your Energy…Starting Today

Do you often feel you are lacking in energy? Or feel others are draining energy from you? Chris and Gina explore ways in which we can become more aware of what we’re giving out, and what we need to give to ourselves to keep our energy levels at optimum strength.

Listen to this podcast and download our free ebook for even more tips and tricks to boost your daily energy.

The Man Your Man Could Smell Like… Using Video to Raise your Visibility

Unless you’ve been on Mars or are a complete technophobe, you’ll have seen the hilarious viral video for Old Spice – The Man Your Man Could Smell Like and the latest version. Watch the original here – it has had more than 35 MILLION views as I write.

The Man Your Man Could Smell Like...

The Man Your Man Could Smell Like Old Spice

This tongue-in-cheek clip is an hilarious poke at the retro vibe of a ‘man’s man’ and as such appeals to both my generation who remember the original Old Spice ads (“the mark of a man”) as well as younger YouTube viewers who love the cocky,faux irreverent machismo humour. Beautifully scripted and delivered with bang on precision by actor Isaiah Mustafa these ads are helping Old Spice shift product like nothing before. Creating demand, where before there was but a trickle. Clever, eh? And very compelling.

Which brings me spicely on to… how do you advertise yourself? Specifically in your professional life? What are you doing to make you and your business as compelling and engaging as the Old Spice character?Continue reading