It’s July already! Review time…

If you run your own company – perhaps it’s even listed – then you will know all about half-year financial reviews. Not exactly an audit but a review of the balance sheet, discussions with staff, total income, cash flow and changes in equity. Essentially a mechanism by which accountants can see that the company is being managed correctly and can therefore provide good returns to shareholders.

So since it’s July already (how did that happen?!) it seems an appropriate time to give ourselves a thorough half-year review. Here are a few key areas worth making a note of:

1. How close are you to those goals you set in January?

2. Which goals are now obsolete and no longer hold your interest?

3. How are your finances? Have you been saving regularly, or are you still living life in the red?

4. Have you made new connections, found the time to network with a view to possible joint ventures?

5. How is your physical, mental and emotional health? Are you taking care of yourself? Have you taken time out to recharge lately?

6. How is your work/life balance? How are you dealing with personal and professional stresses?

9. What are your successes over the last six months?

10. Which achievements are you particularly proud of?

11. What direct action has led to these achievements and peak experiences?

12. What lessons have you learned? Professionally and personally?

Benefits of a half-year review
Time is certainly speeding up. And whether this is due to our lives being more crowded and more demands being made of us, or whether consciousness is actually accelerating is open to conjecture. Yet however you manage your time – and your thoughts – in our increasingly information overloaded world is crucial.

As any accountant will tell you, checks and balances are integral to a healthy business. Keeping a careful eye on how you spend your energy, time and money is essential. If you don’t already have a business and personal ‘plan’ for the next six months of 2011, I strongly recommend you create one. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Just write down some desired end results you’d love to see in your personal and professional life. Then, writing as if you’ve already achieved these goals, make a note of what action you took to get you there.

For, as a wise soul once wrote: “If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know when you get there?”