Do You Put The ‘Pro’ in Procrastination?

If there was a boy scout badge, professional certification or ‘lifetime achievement award’ for procrastination, would you nominate yourself (…if you could find the time, of course)?

Does watching this video make you wonder if the creator was peeping in through your windows watching how you navigate through the day?

Well, if you’re laughing or feeling a bit uncomfortable at how much you relate to the above comments, then perhaps it’s time to really take a look at your procrastinating skills in a new light.

Being a procrastinator is not a genetic trait nor a unresolvable habit, it’s simply a result of flawed thinking and instant judgement. It’s not YOU that’s the problem, it’s just your pattern of thinking in the moment.

Ask these simple questions…and answer them with brutal and loving honesty…to shed a new light on your core issue and begin to feel more empowered to make a change.

Step 1: Think of something specific that you’re procrastinating on this week.

Step 2: What is it about this task/project that makes you uncomfortable about taking action?

Step 3: Why is that uncomfortable?

Step 4: Why is (your answer to step 3) uncomfortable?

Step 5: Why is (your answer to step 4) uncomfortable?

Step 6: Why is (your answer to step 5) uncomfortable?

Step 7: Imagine the task/project is now done. What would the ‘you of the future’ say to yourself right now?

Step 8: What small thing can you do, that will take less than 20 minutes, to break the ice, make progress and start to feel in control of the situation?

If you answered those questions openly and honestly, you now know what to do.