Happy Hump Day!

Happy Hump Day!

What a funny expression that is. Initially I thought it meant something more titillating than a synonym for Wednesdays, but maybe Americans don’t use the word ‘hump’ in quite the same way as us Brits! Either way, in the spirit of all things humpable, here are five fun ways to make your hump day go with a bang!

1. Take the day off work. Yes, do it! Take a day off, or simply take your work home with you. Then you can spend your hump day at home. In the pleasure of your own company; or someone else’s.

2. Plan a great mid-week night out. You don’t have to go crazy – Thursday hangovers are never much fun. So how about a meal out with a close friend, your partner or even some work colleagues. It’s a great away to get into the pre-weekend mood.

3. Get up a little earlier and read the paper over a leisurely breakfast. All too often we rush our most important meal of the day, or even worse, grab it on the way to work with a macchiato whatever (has anyone noticed that Starbucks sells foam not coffee?). Heart-attack inducing croissants and bagels are not the best way to give your body energy first thing in the morning.

4. How many times have you been telling yourself you’ll get to the pool/gym before work? Even if you haven’t been since making that New Year’s resolution, how about starting a Hump Day Exercise Special? Just do exercise on Wednesdays. You’ll feel better for having made the effort. And you will burn off that bagel in no time.

5. Get up a little earlier and reward yourself with some intimate time with your partner. Or even yourself! Morning communion can be a great way to start your hump day!

Happy Wednesday everyone 🙂