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30 Days To Eliminate Stress and Frustration

Often the biggest, most enduring stress and frustration in our lives comes from things we continue to tolerate, but not do something about. In this podcast, Sam and Chris talk about making progress by getting clear and taking action on what you don’t want in your life any longer.

Not just providing a ‘positive thinking’ theory, they guide you through a specific set of actions and provide a simple framework for you to take on a transformational 30 day challenge to eliminate a key stress or frustration from your life.

Listen to the podcast and leave a comment to let us know you’re taking the challenge and how we can help you to succeed.

When everything that can go wrong, does go wrong

Have you ever had the feeling that the world is conspiring against you? All you want is a nice easy time and yet at every turn there seems to be a huge challenge? You do your best to try and straighten things out, but you turn your back for one second and something else seems to have turned into a big pile of steaming… well you get the picture.
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Are You Really Committed To Your Commitments?

Sometimes what we say and what we do are very different. Even when we say – or think – we’re committed, our behaviour shows we’re not fully on board. Whether it’s going to the gym, starting that photography course you’ve always dreamed about, finding a new job, or even having a go at on-line dating, if you’re not doing what you want to be doing, it’s time to take an honest look within.

Chris and Gina discuss three simple steps to honestly re-evaluate your dedication level and how you can make committing to a project or goal something fun instead of a chore.

Who’s Locked In Your Dungeon?

What happens to the people who have hurt us at some point in our lives?Castle

Chances are, we’ve been carrying them around with us regardless of whether they are still in our lives or not… This isn’t a horror story, but it is a scary thought!

I was recently introduced to the idea of the “dungeon” as part of Continue reading

How to sucker-punch Psychobabble

Another intriguing topic request via Twitter, from @TamworthGrice on how to deal with psychobabble.

We’ve all had the experience of someone giving us the most infuriating piece of advice, regardless of how well-intentioned it is – especially when they seem to be quoting clichéd phrases just “Just learn to let it go”.

These sorts of banal phrases can really push our buttons, but this ultimately makes the situation (and how we’re feeling) worse. So Sam and Paul explore some ways to not only re-frame the moments when we find ourselves on the receiving end of a poorly-timed or unhelpful piece of advice, but also some alternative ways of responding to the psychobabble that could help take the sting out of it.

The Single Biggest Factor Stopping Your Success

This is a wonderful yet crazy world we live in.

We live in a time of incredible opportunities, limitless access to ideas, and convenience all around us.

It’s also a time with a lack of security, constant and rapid change, and seemingly unavoidable distractions pulling us in multiple directions at all times.

So within this paradoxical storm it’s easy to fall into the trap of seeing or feeling a wall of barriers in front of you, blocking your path to your ultimate success and fulfilment.

However, the reality is there is one factor that rises above all others that prevents you from getting Continue reading

4 Questions for Navigating Change

Drawing on our own personal experience and those of our clients, Gina and Chris suggest four questions that can help you navigate through a significant period of change. Whether it be a new job, a new home or a new relationship, we all feel uncertain – and fear – at venturing into something new.

These questions can help build your confidence that you can do it and start you on the path to feeling great about your new opportunity.

Happy Hump Day!

Happy Hump Day!

What a funny expression that is. Initially I thought it meant something more titillating than a synonym for Wednesdays, but maybe Americans don’t use the word ‘hump’ in quite the same way as us Brits! Either way, in the spirit of all things humpable, here are five fun ways to make your hump day go with a bang!

1. Take the day off work. Yes, do it! Take a day off, or simply take your work home with you. Then you can spend your hump day at home. In the pleasure of your own company; or someone else’s.

2. Plan a great mid-week night out. You don’t have to goContinue reading

Journal your way to success!

Special *extended* edition: don’t let the word “journal” put you off! Regardless of whether you’ve not put pen to paper for decades, and the idea of writing without a computer keyboard seems a crime – it is still possible to make journaling work for you. So why should you bother? What are the benefits?

This is a longer podcast than normal because whilst Gina & Sam are very passionate about their own daily journals, they realise that not everyone will be as excited or comfortable with the idea

… so they start by exploring some tips for people who might experience strong resistance to the idea of writing down their thoughts every day. The process of writing in this way can skyrocket your success and happiness: and alongside discussing the many benefits of journaling, they also explore some of the ways to make it work best for you.

[Gina & Sam both use a form of journaling from The Artist’s Way called Morning Pages – for more info have a look here.]