Spring has Sprung!

Whether you are in the northern hemisphere (and enjoying the brightening days and the warmer temperatures) or whether you celebrate and remember the story of Easter, this time of year is synonymous with rebirth, renewal and fresh perspectives.

There is certainly something very energising and uplifting about sunny skies and spring bulbs and fresh air without the chill. And for me, this has been accompanied by a deep sense of gratitude – how thankful I am for each ray of sunshine, how beautiful each flower is and how free it feels to finally ditch the thermal underwear I’d been living in for nearly 5 full months!

And whether coincidentally or through divine guidance, I’m experiencing a rebirth of sorts – beginning a new chapter of my life, and giving birth to some dreams that I’ve wanted to nurture for a long while now. It feels like Spring poetry in action!

Alongside the gratitude comes a sense of the impossible becoming – not just possible – but something real! If the sun can rediscover Scotland after such a long bitter winter, and the daffodils and tulips can emerge from the dark soil so bright and happy, then maybe the incredible plans and ideas that I have can take shape too…

It seems like this time of year invites more curiosity, more creativity and more hope! And it is the perfect opportunity for us to give ourselves small gifts of time – to play with that curiosity and wonder and fun. To reconnect with nature and the explorers in our hearts. Because if we don’t allow ourselves to enjoy these moments now, then it is all too easy to miss out on them for the rest of the year.

In the same way that the flower buds form and then open to greet the sun, so too is this our chance to raise our faces to the warmth of new beginnings. And in my gratitude, and with the benefit of hindsight from a sunny day, I can also see that the winter (with its cold darkness that made me want to cocoon at home by the heater) had its purpose. It allowed me to regroup, gather my ideas together and prepare the space for new seeds to germinate. Each season has its purpose, and our dreams and goals experience the flow of seasons too.

So I invite you to get curious with me, just now:

  • Just take a moment to think about all the (little or big) things you can be grateful for. If you need inspiration, try a quick walk in a nearby park or even a look out the window if your view is more than just man-made structures!
  • Jot down a couple of words or thoughts about some impossible things that could become possible with the creative energy of this time of year.
  • Decide to give yourself permission to enjoy 5 (or even 30) minutes outside the next time the sun is shining. What would you do to enjoy it?
  • What ideas or goals might have been germinating over the winter that could start sprouting (if they haven’t already!) with a little bit of nurturing?
  • What one habit or action or plan could do with a fresh perspective, to re-energise and uplift it?

Did you allow yourself to get curious and play with some of those questions, just for a few moments?

If not: then what would it take, for you to let your inner explorer be courageous this week? (Remember – you can always put your curiosity back under lock & key again later, if you aren’t wanting to live with such excitement all the time!) Would you still choose to pass up on the chance to enjoy just a little bit of the energy of this season if you knew it was your last chance for this year?

And: if you did allow yourself to get curious and play with even one of the questions above, then I’d like to acknowledge you for your Spring spirit, and offer you another question – What would you need to do to schedule in just a little bit of spring fun each week from now?

Wishing you warmth & joy!


P.S. Along with the brighter weather has also come the inevitable ‘spring clean’ urge – so I’m making sure I get as much time outdoors and in the fresh air, as I am indoors and tidying/cleaning/clearing out stuff!