How to: Expand Your Comfort Zone

“You should expand your comfort zone”

Often when people first hear that phrase it strikes fear into them, that dreaded thought of moving out of their comfort zone. This is often because people think they need to do something something big and dramatic, and that quite frankly scares the life out of them. This simple is not true.

Expanding your comfort zone should feel much more like taking a small step everyday. Think of it as more of a breath of fresh air.

Being in your comfort zone really means how you feel when you are doing the same things you do every day. Without much thought or concern. It’s your natural state and requires very little preparation, consideration or energy.

To really stretch yourself out of your comfort zone, just think about taking it one small step at a time. To take one step out of your comfort zone, you should feel its something out of the ordinary. Something that breaks your normal routine. But not something that is too overwhelming or just down right risky! Try doing something physical or task that requires a bit of preparation, anything that means you have to think about how you are going to do it.

It’s by taking these small steps every day to gradually expand your comfort zone. The new and different, becomes routine. That’s exactly what expanding your comfort zone means!