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How to: Expand Your Comfort Zone

“You should expand your comfort zone”

Often when people first hear that phrase it strikes fear into them, that dreaded thought of moving out of their comfort zone. This is often because people think they need to do something something big and dramatic, and that quite frankly scares the life out of them. This simple is not true.

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The Challenges of Outsourcing & Delegating

Another great topic suggestion via Twitter, from @RizWasti on Outsourcing.

Sam and Paul explore the process of outsourcing and compare it to the general delegation of a task; both can be quite a minefield if you aren’t careful!

So, just because you have given the work to someone else to complete, doesn’t mean you are off the hook or no longer responsible. You still need to work with them to ensure the results are what you expect!

Whether you delegate chores at home, tasks at work or larger outsourcing projects/roles, join us as we explore the dangers and challenges of delegating a task, along with some tips and strategies to ensure it goes according to plan (and doesn’t backfire on you)!

Spring has Sprung!

Whether you are in the northern hemisphere (and enjoying the brightening days and the warmer temperatures) or whether you celebrate and remember the story of Easter, this time of year is synonymous with rebirth, renewal and fresh perspectives.

There is certainly something very energising and uplifting about sunny skies and spring bulbs and fresh air without the chill. And for me, this has been accompanied by a deep sense of gratitude – how thankful I am for each ray of sunshine, how beautiful each flower is and how free it feels to finally ditch the thermal underwear I’d been living in for nearly 5 full months!

And whether coincidentally or through divine guidance, I’m experiencing a rebirth of sorts – beginning a new chapter of my life, and giving birth to some dreams that I’ve wanted to nurture for a long while now. It feels like Spring poetry in action!

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Does Goal Setting Automatically Mean Lots Of Planning?

We had a great question in from one of our listeners to the podcast.

“Do you think that the more formal process of goal setting works better for everybody, and everyone should use it to achieve more?”

Sam and Paul consider the options and situations where structured goal setting is really required, but admit themselves that they don’t always have to follow a rigid process to move towards their dreams.

Thanks Matt for a brilliant question!

Thank YOU – A 100,000 Reasons For Taking Small Steps

As a subscriber of ActionPodcast updates you’ll be familiar with our often-cited strategy of taking small steps of everyday action towards your dreams and goals.

When we started ActionPodcast in 2008 we didn’t know what it would lead to, we didn’t know if it would resonate with you, we didn’t know how long it would last. So we just got started, took small steps, and watched as it unfolded.

But we knew with absolute certainty that we needed to share our messages.

And today we achieved a major milestone of our 100,000th podcast download, now listened to by people in over 25 countries.

Our experiences as coaches — in helping people find their passions, breakthrough fears and old habits, reconnect with their authentic purpose, create compelling goals and dreams for their future – has taught us many lessons about generating confidence, pride and conviction to keep moving forward. And it’s given universal insights into how to successfully navigate through Continue reading

Yes, You Can Buy Happiness

If you’re going to spend money, a simple difference in your choice can make the difference between short-term or longer-term happiness. In this podcast Gina and Chris discuss ways to buy happiness and also achieve fulfillment through gratitude.

They reference the book [amazon ASIN=”0330511602″]:59 seconds by Richard Wiseman[/amazon]

What Would You Like Help With?

Every so often we get a request from one of our listeners to cover a certain issue. We absolutely LOVE these kinds of requests and we would dearly like to have more of them.

So now is your chance to drop me an email to Paul (at) ActionPodcast (dot) com and let me know what you’d like to hear in a future podcast.

It can be pretty much any topic at all, health, goal setting or maybe a specific problem you are trying to over come. Even if you aren’t sure if it’s something we normally cover, drop us a note and we’ll have a chat with you first if we need more information or need to clarify anything.

So drop us an email, leave a comment or post something on our facebook page.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!


The Fastest Way to Better Answers

In this podcast, Sam and Chris explore a simple idea that can have a dramatic impact on your perspective in the moment, your enjoyment of your days and lasting effect for a more fulfilling life.

Yes, it’s that important.

Japan Disaster – How it Affects Us All

Like everyone else the last few weeks, I’ve been watching the news reports of the earthquake and ensuing tsunami and nuclear meltdown in Japan with increasing horror and great sadness. It’s also amazing how quickly this terrible tragedy has been wiped off the front pages, to be replaced by an equally damaging invasion.

In the initial days after the tragedy what I found most humbling was the incredible humanity displayed by the Japanese victims. Unimaginable suffering mixed with stories of hope; stories of human courage. A US camera crews finds a group of survivors huddled together making food – and immediately one of the men in the group offers the reporter some of their food. Food that they desperately need. His generosity made me cry. This man’s first thought was to look after his guests. How beautiful is that?

Despite finding themselves losing everything, the Japanese have not lost their humanity, their courage and human decency. Continue reading