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We all have deadlines to meet. Even the most organised of us can find we are cutting it fine and doing things just in time!

Sam and Gina discuss their own challenges with getting things done and explore breaking things down into chucks and having “medium milestones” to help keep things on track

Still Struggling With Motivation?

During a recent podcast with Gina, we talked about getting back into an exercise routine and going back to the gym. It was something that I’m very familiar with, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to give you a quick progress update.

I’ve now been going back to the gym for 3 weeks, 4-5 times a week. I’ve discovered that if I just go to the gym 2-3 times a week my days off become too tempting for me to have “just another” day off. Always promising myself “I’ll go tomorrow!”, which of course I ended up repeating the next day, until every shred of motivation had been stripped away.

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The Benefits of Being Creative

Sam and Gina discuss how becoming more creative – in their professional and personal lives – has not only given them increased self-confidence and happiness, but also impacted positively on their friendships and relationships. In this podcast they’ll give you tips on finding your own inspiration, unblocking your creative U-turns and bringing more magic and fulfillment into your life.

Read Chris’s related blog post on how we find so many excuses not to do things here


Are you sabotaging your dreams?

Self-sabotage may be at play, and if it is, the chances are you might not even realise it… but you might notice the effects it has on your attempts to achieve your goals and dreams.

Can you relate to the feeling of:

  • Making things harder for yourself than they need to be?
  • Allowing yourself to be distracted by something other than your priority?
  • Punishing yourself when something isn’t perfect?
  • Taking on too much when you know you can’t fit everything in?

Sometimes sabotage can show up in a way that obviously affects our goals, and other times it can show up more subtly. Continue reading

Keeping Up Your Momentum

How often have you excitedly started a new project, signed up at a new gym, told yourself this is the year you will write the book, get in shape, move house, leave your job? Yes, we can all relate to lack of momentum…

In this podcast Paul and Gina discuss ways you can actually start getting motivated, what you can focus on to maintain momentum – and reach your intended goals. As both coaches have recently started back at the gym themselves, they will be posting weekly accountability blogs on our Action Podcast Facebook page – in an effort to keep their own momentum going!

The Words and Thoughts That Cost You the Most

Just like the financial loss of a unattended credit card debt or an unused monthly membership, whether you realise it or not, you are paying a significant price for some of your thoughts and words.

It’s a concept you’ve probably never considered, but the payoff is huge.

Which thoughts and words?

The most expensive words you’ll ever utter are the excuses you use to rationalise not doing the things you know need to be done.Continue reading

How to Tackle Complacency

Have you ever felt you’ve lost your drive at work or you’ve stopped trying in your relationships? Felt like you’ve reached a plateau and either feel afraid or just can’t be bothered to go to the next level? In this podcast Chris and Gina discuss ways you can tackle complacency head on: how to recognise it, how to move through it and how to come out the other side!

Unleash Your Creativity!

As regular readers will know, I am a big fan of the writer, playwright and all-round creative maestro, Julia Cameron. In her seminal work, The Artist’s Way, she takes readers through an inspiring 12-week programme to identify creative blocks and U-turns, re-ignite the creative spark within, and then take action to keep the flame alive.

I was lucky enough to attend a workshop of Julia’s here in London recently. Her amazing way of engaging the subconscious and allowing it full expression, despite the ego’s resistance was a wonderful exercise in giving my creativity full reign. I remembered long forgotten dreams of photography, art and dance. Working in pairs we blasted through self-doubt and internal critics to discover what we would truly love to create. And the best thing? It doesn’t have to be perfect.Continue reading