Morning Habits

If you often wake up grumbling, and generally have to drag yourself out of bed in the mornings, then you might not realise how this affects you for the rest of the day. Starting with low energy means everything feels more draining and difficult. But if you get off to a good start with a quick routine that boosts your energy immediately and leaves you feeling motivated, then chances are you’ll have a much better day too!

Join Chris and Sam as they discuss Tip #1 from the ActionPodcast eBook – 80 Tips, Tricks & Perspective Shifts for Everyday Action – and find out how this can help even the most adamant non-morning-person! Whether it is a quick physical burst, a calm mental focus or a dietary delight, you’ll discover how one simple change (or a combination of them) will transform your whole day and leave you feeling great.

And if you want to know more about Sam’s Awesome Vegan Smoothie (inspired by Chris!), here’s how you can create one yourself:

Makes roughly 1 pint of smoothie. You’ll ideally need to have a good quality blender, although if you leave out the cacao nibs then it’s not quite so important.

3 Large bananas

1-2 handfuls of pre-washed baby spinach

A generous sprinkling of ground almonds

A light sprinkling of raw cacao nibs (if you like some crunch)

Cold water (enough to thin to taste)

You can use whole or chopped nuts, of whichever type you like, but ground ones are easier on the blender and I love almonds!

Peel & break up the bananas and drop them into the blender. Add the ground almonds, and (optional) cacao nibs, top with the baby spinach leaves, and then add water (a few hundred ml should be enough, but you can vary the thickness of the smoothie with the water). Make sure the water is cold, as warm smoothie isn’t nearly as nice!

Blend just enough for there to be no remaining banana chunks, and for the clunking of the cacao nibs to have lessened. Don’t over-blend, as the bananas can become goopy. Pour it out into a pint glass, and enjoy! It might look bizarre, but I find it delicious – and it leaves me feeling fab all day!

There’s an infinite amount of variation you can apply to this (different fruit, nuts, supplements etc), so just get creative and find something that works for you!