When Less = More Action

If you ever find yourself overloaded or confused by the number of goals clambering for your attention, then this time of year can be critical in determining how the rest of your year will continue.

The January focus on resolutions and new goals almost comes with a sense that if we want to change anything, we’ve got this narrow window of the 1st month of the year in which to make it happen. We might decide to lose weight, clean-out our house, get the garden ready for spring and take on more responsibility at work. We pick a handful of big goals for different areas of our lives that we want to improve, and think we’ll be able to tackle them all at once…

Aside from putting a lot of unnecessary pressure on ourselves, this approach is also ineffectual! Change can be challenging at the best of times, and if we try to do too much at once we may find we are setting ourselves up for failure. It is one thing to pick yourself up & get back on the horse after you’ve taken a fall, but if you’ve fallen off a chair, a motorbike and a cliff in that same week, then you’re unlikely to bounce back up again as easily.

And seriously – falling off the horse is inevitable (no matter what your goal)!

But it is our ability to get ourselves back on-track again that is the difference between success and failure.

So if you leave yourself (and your confidence) feeling so battered and bruised from the falls of multiple challenges, then chances are by March you’ll have abandoned all of them. Disappointed and disheartened, how likely are you to feel enthusiastic about tackling a new change any time soon?

This is definitely a case of (starting with) Less is More.

If you focus on just one or two goals instead, you’ll not only be much clearer about what it is you want to achieve, but you’ll find your confidence is much more resilient, and your efforts much more sustainable in the longer term.

So whilst you might want to save the world, start a new business, write 6 books, get healthy and have a social life in 2011, I’d encourage you to think about one (or two) key goals that you can really focus on this year. But how do you choose which ones are key?

  1. Ask yourself: “If I get to the end of 2011 and I have (or have not) achieved this, how will I feel?”
  2. Think about the reason why you want each goal, and explore the potential consequences & benefits of achieving them. Which one or two mean the most to you?
  3. Remind yourself that it doesn’t mean you’ll NEVER do the other things – this is not a “No”, its just a “No, for now”.

You can always add another goal to your list later in the year – once you’ve got a few months of proof and confidence in the progress you’ve made with your original one.

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Not only will you have quadrupled your chances of staying on-track with your goals, but you’ll also be a lot clearer about your priorities and will make decisions much more easily.

Even if we only pick one or two things to focus on at the start of the year, we are bombarded with new ideas, new changes, new hurdles, new distractions almost constantly. And it is much easier to say no to extra things, and stay focused on what is most important, when you are really clear about what your top priorities are.

Leave a comment and let us know what one or two things you are choosing to focus on this year. Declaring it publicly is a great way to build power, momentum and motivation for YOUR top priority!