4 Ideas for Making 2011 an Extra Special Year

The turn of the year is an arbitrary but helpful moment in time to think about the next 365 days of your life. At ActionPodcast we certainly know that you can design and live the life you want, you can achieve more than you think you can, and have greater happiness than you did last year. But how will you make that happen? I know you’re wiser than hoping to win the national lottery, and of course, more money isn’t going to magically take care of all your problems.

It’s a simple question: “How will this year be different for you?” Or perhaps more accurately stated, “How will you make this year different than last year?” Our societies and technologies today give us a gazillion things we can choose to do and pay attention to. What will you choose to do?

Of course, the answer will be different for all of us, but there are some universal ideas that can guide each of us. Borrowing from Brendon Burchard, here are four thoughts to take with you on your 2011 journey.

1. Bring the holiday spirit through the year

The holidays for most of us, represent a time of reconnecting with things and people that matter most to us, of sharing laughter with friends and family, of putting down the blackberry and iPad and just being present with our loved ones. It’s a time where we show appreciation at levels that is rarely seen or felt at other times of the year.

This year, in 2011, how can you show, and just ‘be’ at, new levels of appreciation for those you want in your life? How can you engage with them in more meaningful ways? And what will that do for the level of fulfilment you get from your relationships? How much of that will flow over to other parts of your life? I suggest probably even more than you think at this moment.

2. Build on your greatest lessons from last year

What were your 5 big lessons from 2010 in the person you are, your relationships, your business, your career, your health and vitality for everyday living? What did you learn from your struggles? What were your big successes and what difference did you make?

For this year to be different, you’ve got to think differently, and believe differently. You need a vision bigger than you are right now. You need to dare to shake things up a little, have bigger, bolder thoughts on what is possible. You need to be willing to leave your baggage behind, to shed your doubts and to carry forward in spite of your fears. Courage is not the absence of fear, but the taking of action in the face of your fear. For a more guided process of discovering your lessons from last year, read this previous post from ActionPodcast.

3. Make this a year of action and creation

Whatever your areas of interest, work, and hobbies are, place extra focus and attention on taking more action. Choose small steps over procrastination. Choose big steps to bust through your barriers. Always choose some sort of action instead of over analysis and worry. Place extra value on being effective and efficient rather than being perfect. Operating from a place of ‘creation’ is also an idea worth considering. By that I mean decide what things you’d like to create this year, for example, an even more fun and loving relationship with your spouse, a fantastic close-knit team at work, a healthy and fit new body. Adopting a mindset of ‘creation’ often brings with it more curiousity, fun, playfulness, joy, trial and error, than just treating everything like a chore on your to-do list. You enjoy the process more when trying new things and don’t worry so much if things don’t go exactly as planned.

How would your days and weeks be different if you showed up in a state of curiousity, fun, playfulness and joy more often? If you took more action and learned to love the process of creation?

4. Really, fully, completely LIVE this year

How you show up every day, week and month is ALWAYS your choice. Even when life has got you down, you can choose to stay down and wallow in self-pity, or you can choose to dust yourself off and move on. So this year, decide to be fully alive, to show up on more days with positivity, a healthy dose of friendliness and healthy energy, with more vibrancy and presence, showing more heartfelt appreciation and gratitude for what, and who, you have in your life.

How amazing would you feel if you just decided to be like that each morning? How would your life be different? And, how would that change the lives of those around you?

Make yourself proud. Make it special for those around you. Make 2011 bigger, bolder and more beautiful. Make it one to remember.

Leave a comment and let us know what you will do differently to make this a better year for you and those in your life.