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Are you Trustworthy?

Do you do what you say you will? Are you trustworthy? Do you find that by not following through you are really letting yourself down as well as others?

Chris and Gina cover the subject of walking your talk. Tip number 54 in our eBook. By not following up with what you have promised can really put a strain on your own self confidence. Where as if you stay true to your commitment you’ll feel more empowered.

Fed up with trying to be someone else

Are you true to yourself or do you feel frustrated by not being able to be yourself with people?

Gina and Paul talk about how we all can find ourself in a situation where we find we just aren’t being honest with ourselves or the people around us. Maybe we started to tell little white lies at first as it just didn’t seem important, but now it’s become unbearable.

At the start of a relationship it’s all to easy to adapt yourself to fit into the image that you think your potential partner is really looking for, only to find further down the line, you end up resenting them for “making” you act in a different way.

Find out how being honest from the “get go” can really make your life and relationships a lot less troublesome in the future. Learn to be loved for who you really are.

Stretch, Stumble… and Succeed!

The month of November has seen me embark on a challenge of great passion, purpose and perspective – unlike anything I’ve ever committed myself to before.

It was always going to be a wild challenge, and early on it grew a tail as well as threatening teeth & claws! But it has taken all my resources as a coach and a life-long learner to stick with it. The challenge is to write 30,000 words in 30 days – which is quite a stretch from the only other piece of lengthy writing I’ve done (6,000 words over a few months). I started with one month of research, followed by one month of planning, and yet November has still felt under-prepared.Continue reading

Clearing the confusion of using body language

Many people know a few bits and pieces when it comes to body language. Often it’s difficult to think about your own when you are actually in the moment. Paul and Sam discuss how they use body language and a really simple trick anyone can use to send out the right signals. Also why you should think about your body language even if the other person can’t see you.

This tip was also covered in our ebook which you can download instantly by popping your email address into the box in the top right corner of this page.

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How Much Uncertainty Can YOU Cope With?

I’m not sure if it’s the time of year, bizarre weather patterns or synchrodestiny, but there are many people in my life – including me – that are experiencing a high level of uncertainty right now.

Uncertainty in whether their surgery will allow them to walk normally again, uncertainty in where their next pay cheque is coming from, uncertainty on whether their role will be eliminated in the corporate reorganisation.

How much uncertainty you can handle has a dramatic impact on the quality of your days, weeks, and life. There are a few powerful distinctions that you need to make to survive times when you don’t know the outcome or Continue reading

The Answer is NO! How can I help you?

After a recent visit to Florida, where he was impressed by the high level of customer service (often missing in the UK!) Paul shares his insights with Gina about providing good customer service. How can you provide good customer service to someone without feeling you are about to be taken advantage of?

Here’s how: by simply by giving yourself a few seconds to calm down and sense what the real issues are, what the person is asking for and how you can really be of most help to them. Giving great customer services does not mean you have to compromise yourself.

Continue reading

Break through your fear of public speaking

Some of you may know that I am a big fan of Toastmasters and regularly visit a central London club. I highly recommend it for increasing confidence in public speaking, as well as gaining personal confidence and making some great new friends and contacts.

Last week I did my first speech – The Icebreaker.

It’s good title for the first Toastmaster speech and one that every new Toastie probably dreads. I know I’d been thinking about doing mine for a month or two, before finally pushing myself out of my comfort zone and Continue reading