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Dust yourself off and carry on

Recently, I’ve been enjoying the amazing work of the Gregory Brothers.
They are a group of people that are clearly talented musicians and have developed a whole new way of creating songs.

Their website is called auto-tune the news. For those of you unfamiliar with this technology, I’ll give you a quick run through. In the old days, when a singer recorded a song they really needed to be pitch perfect. Then some technical genius created a way to fine-tune voices to make them sound better than they are – very common practice for the ‘just average’ singers out there. Cheryl Cole is a case in point! Listen to most of them live and you will know what I mean.

So now, in post production, the technical teams can actually adjust the pitch of the vocals to perfectly match what should have been sung. That’s called auto-tuning.

So without getting into the fact that a lot of singers today are made to sound better than they really are, let’s get back to the Gregory Brothers. They have taken this auto-tune system and put it to something that really shouldn’t need it. The news!

For an example you need to click the link to YouTube and watch the original news story. It’s a very serious incident as I’m sure everyone would agree.

Did you watch it? No? Ok I’ll wait for you, click the link above and then come back 🙂

Ok now you have watched it, now click the link below to see the auto tuned version.

There are two things that amaze me about this.

1. The enormous creative talent they must have to create this song
2. This one version of the song (and there are many!) has been viewed over 35million times!

They even hooked up with Antoine, the man in the video, and created an iTunes version of the song. The money raised from the song is split with them and Antoine’s family. They are using that money to put a deposit on a house and get out of the ‘projects’ (state or council accommodation).

Antoine says that dealing with the original crisis, it is in their families’ nature to dust themselves off and carry on. I admire that, a lot.

Thanks to that attitude he is now a global sensation and earning enough money to build a better life for his family.

Now whenever I feel a little low, I listen to that song, smile, dust myself off and carry on.

Relieve The Pressure

Paul and Chris talk about how you can deal with times when you know things are just going to be a lot of hard work.

We all have times when the going gets tough, it’s all a part of the ups an downs of life. If you feel you are going through, or are about to, a period in your life that could be a bit of a burden, then this podcast is for you. Packed full of tips, tricks and ideas you might like to try yourself.

  • Learn how to reduce the burden of long distance and frequent traveling
  • Develop how to take a break, even when work is demanding a lot of your time
  • How to cope with over indulgence, either self imposed or as a result of a host’s hospitality
  • Techniques on how to stick to what you know is good for you
  • Dealing with repetitive tasks

Find out your own ways to relieve the pressure and then let us know what works for you!

(As mentioned in the podcast here is he photo of Chris at the Pyramids!)

Don’t call me perfect…

Occasionally people fall for the myth that coaches must be perfect – that we’re extraordinary beings who radiate love and success and happiness, and have the perfect life.

That’s a nice ideal to work towards, but it is as ridiculous as it is impossible!

We are simply human – and I sometimes like to think of humanity as “perfect in our imperfection”. I might try to radiate love, but I certainly don’t manage it 100% of the time. And whilst I’m increasing the success and happiness and fulfillment in my life (& hopefully inspiring it in others), there’s a long way to go yet.Continue reading

Reward vs Punishment

It’s all too easy to fall into the habit of admonishing and punishing friends and loved ones for their irritating habits. How many times have you asked him/her to put the loo seat down, put the plates in the dish washer and not the sink and put their clothes away? It can be exhausting repeating yourself. And your pleas often fall on deaf ears!
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When the Going Gets Tough, Where Do You Get Going?

In the past three weeks, I have seen a lot of airports. Nine to be precise. Which means I found myself wandering through the arrivals or departures area on 18 different occasions, to fly in and out of the country. That leaves a lot of time to browse the book shops where the business and self-help sections usually get all my attention. My obsessive curiosity to learn from great thinkers and doers continually fuels my mind and deepens my insights on how to master our potential.

It’s no surprise that a common theme amongst books today is ‘Leadership in Tough Times’.  It’s an interesting topic, and one that applies to the business world as much as it does to our own personal lives.

How do you respond in tough times, when life presents a ‘major problem’? Continue reading

Taking care of YOU

For many of us, spending time helping others is second nature. We willingly sacrifice our own priorities and needs, and give more to others than we do for ourselves.

In this podcast, Gina and Chris discuss ways to make sure you do keep a healthy balance of taking care of yourself, while still being strong, supportive and available for your friends and colleagues.

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Move out of your comfort zone

AdinaVoicu / Pixabay

It’s a great phrase, ‘comfort zone’. It sounds so familiar, so safe, so secure.  A sure haven where we can rest a while – for centuries even – and never leave. So instead of taking risks, stepping out and seeing what we really are capable of in life, we tend to expand our comfort zones. Ever increasing circles. Ever decreasing opportunities. Clever, or so our mind thinks, but not a very practical nor far sighted life strategy. Believe me, there are times when I’ve stayed in mine for years. And serve me it has not.

So how can we mitigate the reptilian fears that come up every time a new opportunity in life arises, or new challenges, whether they be work, relationships, moving home, moving country?Continue reading

Practice Active Listening

Have you ever noticed that moment when the person you’re speaking to suddenly seems to mentally drift away, their eyes glaze over and you know they’re not listening to you any more? Do you do that to others?

In this podcast, Sam and Chris discuss three levels of listening and offer practical tips to ensure you not only listen well but remain engaged and interested in your conversations.

This topic was inspired by the recent request from a listener, and our answering podcast – The Dance of a Social Butterfly.
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