The Dance of a Social Butterfly

Meeting new people in any situation can inspire a mixture of fear, excitement, nervousness and anticipation – depending on how easily we cope with the dance of the social butterfly. And even if you enjoy a chance to socialise, it isn’t always a bed of roses!

So when a listener wrote in recently, Sam & Paul were keen to present a bouquet of flowers as thanks:

“When I am in any situation especially social I am able to make a great impression and have fun/etc – but after a while I get tired/bored and cannot maintain the energy or enthusiasm. I have tried making goals – using NLP-type exercises and all of these help in the short term, but not for long. Can you please advise if you have any input?”

Whether its a small dinner party or a large event, join us as we explore the different levels of attention we can switch between at a social events, and how to combat the sense of guilt when you find yourself tired, bored or feeling trapped. With a bit of practice and these neat tips, the dance of the social butterfly is one we can all start to enjoy!

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