Make A Wish List

During a recent podcast, I spoke briefly about a Wish List I’d made at the age of 11.

I found it the other week while sorting out old boxes of memories and paperwork. Finding it really touched my heart: the hopes and dreams of a young girl with an incredible imagination. What amazed me even more is that only a few of the 10 items on my list remain to be ‘done’!

Circumnavigating both Poles could be quite a challenge, but going to Egypt and riding a horse around the Pyramids is certainly within reach. Learning to scuba dive. Check. Flying in a helicopter. Check.

It made me wonder why I hadn’t continued to make Wish Lists – and how powerful they can be. Pretty much like a mood board where you stick images of your ‘wished for’ life in images, simply writing down the words has a magic to it for sure.

I’ve decided to write down my lists more often, and this time look at them more frequently than every 20 years!

I’d love to hear if any of you have made your own wish lists from when you were younger – and if you’ve accomplished or are even living out those dreams today.

Happy wish listing!