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Hundreds of people listen to our podcasts everyday. A bunch of you visit the website too. We try and keep our content fresh, relative and from the heart.

One thing to really make clear is that it’s a two way street!

We love to hear from our listeners or website visitors on their stories. What troubles they are experiencing. How they have overcome adversity and triumphed!

There are a whole bunch of ways you can contact us and it means so much to us when you do!

You can email us by filling out the contact form on each of the presenters’ bio pages, or just add our first name to the start of the email @actionpodcast.com.

If it’s regarding a specific blog post or podcast then you can add a comment directly to that post.

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Whether you are a personal development Guru or just thinking about making changes in your life for the better, you have a friend in the business! Action Podcast would love help you anyway we can.

Ways to contact ActionPodcast

  1. Use the contact form on the presenters’ Bio page, Paul, Gina, Sam, Chris
  2. Email a presenter directly, put their name in front of @actionpodcast.com
  3. Use the comment form at the bottom of every page
  4. Post a review on iTunes
  5. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter which contains comment and email links

We look forward to hearing from you!