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4 Questions Towards Your Best ‘You’

This is a VERY different podcast from Paul and Sam. Firstly, it’s much longer than our usual 10-12 minutes because we are demonstrating a particular technique you might find a tad uncomfortable, but immensely useful.

A word of caution! If you find mutual appreciation, positive feedback or expressions of love or adoration unpalatable – then this podcast probably won’t be for you!

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The Young and the Lonely

I was reading today on the BBC website a report that despite the explosion of social networking sites, young people today are feeling more lonely than ever.

When you look at it properly you’ll see evidence that this trend has been progressing for a long time. The number of “one bed” or “studio” properties seem much more prevalent than the traditional multi bedroom homes. People strive for their independence to live in their own home, but at what cost?Continue reading

I’m Late!

Do you find yourself always being late for events? Are you the type of person that puts your watch or alarm clock 5 minutes fast to “fool” yourself in thinking you have more time?

Chris and Paul work though some of the tricks people use to make them think they have more time than they really do, and how to ultimately stop being late for everything!

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David Cameron, Nick Clegg and I

Chris’ recent blog post struck a chord with me, as a reminder that ‘Spring has sprung’ and that it is the season we associate with fresh air, new beginnings, and time for change. So whilst the Scottish weather may not be quite in agreement on this yet, there is certainly a fitting sense of rebirth within British politics right now.

David Cameron and Nick Clegg will likely face as much criticism as support over the “difficult times” and difficult decisions ahead. They have united in a spring clean not just of the electoral system, but also of the status quo and party relationships within all levels of government.

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Mentally Healthy

Mental ill health is something that needs to be taken seriously and, with the likelihood that we or someone close to us will experience it at some point, it is important that we raise our own awareness of it.

At the same time, we don’t often think about what being mentally healthy is like either, or what our mental health can actually mean for our daily lives. Join Paul and Sam for this podcast ‘experiment’ as they explore what their own personal definitions are – and give you the opportunity to discover yours.

We all experience life’s ups and downs, and go through periods of stress; so what if there was a personal checklist just for you that could help you cope with those experiences a bit better?
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Time to spring clean your mind

Spring is a time of new beginnings and growth. It’s also time to get rid of old things that are no longer needed and welcome fresh new additions. Usually, that applies to cleaning up your home – that avoidable cupboard, spare room or putting away the winter gear. But what about spring cleaning your life and your mind?

Our minds are much like our homes.  They both get cluttered. They fill up with bits and bobs we no longer want or need. Both benefit from a regular cleaning out of stuff that we collected for one reason, and are holding onto out of habit, neglect, or just delusion it’s still the right thing to do.Continue reading


Thanks to Cassandra for this week’s topic suggestion:-

@KillerCassandra Do a podcast on patience, and do it now, not tomorrow and not next week and not next month. Did you do it yet?”

Patience seems to be something that everyone has an issue with at some time. Paul and Sam talk about some of the pit falls and things you can do to actively work on issues with patience.

For a little musical inspiration (courtesy of Guns N Roses):

And for more info or to say hi to Damien, visit Your Natural Way.

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Ways to Overcome Learned Helplessness

UPDATE 7 May 2012: Gina and Paul talk about this blog post in our podcast on Learned Helplessness

Many of us have become experts at being ‘helpless’. And yes, it’s most often a subconscious act, for many of us developed these patterns in childhood as a way to cope with difficult or abusive situations, although learned helplessness can manifest at any age.

But like many habits, they have become so ingrained we don’t even know we are doing it. Learned helplessness can be the result of psychological and physical abuse, or we’ve mirrored it from watching caretakers and parents. Perhaps it was our only form of survival. And of course, this life strategy may have worked for us at one time, but it sure ain’t now.
Usually learned helplessness is a response to being out of control. Or dealing with situations in our lives where we feel we have absolutely no control. Essentially, it’s the ‘I give up’ route.
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Giving Your Support

Helping others is something we do almost every day, but occasionally we have a friend, family member or partner that needs some extra special attention. Paul and Gina talk about providing support for someone by just being there and giving them the most precious gift of all, your time.

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