Technology and Personal Development

I was thinking today about some of the other websites, gadgets and gizmos that I used to aid me in my own personal development. It got me wondering what does everyone else use?

Of course ActionPodcast is your number one 🙂 but other than that what other websites, iPhone apps and systems do you use to keep you on track with your own personal development?

Personally I use the following

  1. (of course!)
  2. Morning pages – I use either good old fashioned pen and paper, or I have a couple of iPhone apps that I use. They are EverNote and ShapeWriter.
  3. DailyBurn – helps me track my weight and general fitness.
  4. Google Calendar – I would be pretty much lost without it. As I have it synchronised with my iPhone I have it everywhere I go.
  5. Google Docs – Great for keeping track, of pretty much anything using their suite of spread sheets, text documents and even presentations. I’ve also found that I can create quick and simple forms using Google docs and then use them on my iPhone for tracking things like expenses. The form then automatically fills out a spreadsheet for me, which makes doing my finances each week a breeze!
  6. Social websites – I’ve bunched them together, but Facebook and twitter type sites really help me keep up with my friends, family and are a great way to ask for HELP! I use to send updates to all my social websites at the same time.
  7. GymFu – I recently found a cool suite of applications for the iPhone that actively monitor your movements as you work out. It actually tells you how many to do, when to slow down even when your form isn’t quite right!

I love hearing about how people use technology and the internet every day in their own personal development. So please take a minute to send me your top favourites!