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Where do you want your control?

Sometimes bad stuff happens, and whilst we may not like to think of it happening to ourselves or our loved ones, there are times when we may feel helpless in the face of something that occurs.
Feeling like a victim can sap even the most resourceful of us, and the emotional rollercoaster that accompanies it can be really unpleasant. We may not be able to change the event or situation, but there is one thing that we can influence – our response to it all.
It is possible to move from a sense of having lost control when something happens to us, to a position where we can feel more resourceful and better able to cope, so join Paul and Sam as we discuss how your Locus of Control affects your responses and what you can do to start shifting it in the right direction.

All talk and no Action?

Surely not! It’s actually why we decided to call ourselves Action Podcast, because at the route of all your dreams is the simple choice that you have to make, do you take ACTION? A goal with out action is just a day dream, a flight of fancy that doesn’t amount to anything, but just by taking that first step you are on your way. Find out more in this podcast with Gina and Paul and the muse over a famous quote from Henry Ford “You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do”.

Difficult Conversations

You all know the types of conversations, the ones we dread having. Sam and Paul talk about how to tackle these difficult conversations keeping it on track and handling the situation with heart.

Your Intentionality… (Happy 2010!)

Chris has already done a great job of outlining some important steps that can really help to support your New Year’s Resolutions for 2010, and whilst I’ve touched on it here at ActionPodcast before, I felt tonight was a brilliant opportunity to encourage you to consider your intentionality for this new year too!

If we think of each year of our lives as a chapter, and look back at the last couple, there’s probably an underlying theme or sense of what that year meant to us in the overall scheme of our lives. For the last couple of years, I’ve set conscious intentions for my chapters and they’ve worked for me in a way that resolutions never really have.

2008 was a year of intention Continue reading