Are you resistant to change?

C.H.A.N.G.E. The final frontier…  The big C-word is an inevitable part of life, but something most of us resist on a daily basis. We like to think we’re flexible, that we can always ‘go with the flow’. But instead, many of us simply tie ourselves even tighter to our mast of familiarity.

... turn and face the strain

Find something you’re scared of, and 9 times out of 10 it involves some kind of change in your life: new job, new relationship, new hair colour, new house, new school, new teacher, new country, new car! The list is endless.

So why do we resist? And how can we overcome the fear of change? Or rather, do we really have to?

I’ve now been living in New York for just over 5 months. It’s actually my 6th visit to the city, so it’s not entirely an alien planet. But culturally it often feels like it. I’d been wanting to live here for a few years, but always resisted the calling: too expensive, won’t get enough work to keep me here, will be all on my little lonesome. The excuses were really endless. Strange, really, since my life in London was hardly one of spellbinding excitement and stimulation. I guess it really was the fear of the unknown. Of moving out of my comfort zone and changing it for something totally out of my sphere.

But has the experience turned into a nightmare of epic proportions? Absolutely not! In fact I wish I’d come here years ago, when the economy was still buoyant and finding work a helluva lot easier. Yet despite the inherent challenges of moving to a new city and not knowing anyone, I’ve met some incredible people, made great professional contacts and thoroughly immersed myself in the cultural life here. In my opinion it’s just about the greatest city on earth. I love it here. I moved out of my comfort zone and embraced the changes. And as I did so became more confident. Not always less fearful, but soon discovered that the fear passed once I actually got on and did the very thing that was spooking me!

If you’re a change junkie, then you’ll have no problem uprooting in every sense. Change to you is an adrenalin kick. But for more cautious types, I have one thing to say. Feel the fear and do it anyway! Life is passing you by so very quickly. Stop dreaming and start doing. Make the changes you’ve always dreamed of, before it’s too late.

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