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When You Just Can’t Remember…

Last week Paul & Sam had to skip their usual podcasting date, as Sam’s wireless connection picked that night to go on strike! Instead of totally skipping it, the time was used for a phone call to discuss the exciting idea for a topic Sam had thought of, as well as to update each other on current challenges.

This week, technology was on best-behaviour. But neither Sam nor Paul could remember the topic they’d been planning to podcast about! What happens when you just can’t remember…?!

Paul: So Sam, do you have any ideas for a topic tonight?

Sam: Um, didn’t we have one last week that we discussed and got really excited about?
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Morning Pages

We have mentioned Morning Pages before, but Gina has also been experiencing the powerful creative space that they can bring. Paul and Gina talk about using this technique to really get your creative juices flowing!


It’s got to be perfect! Or does it? Do you suffer from Perfectionism Paralysis? Sam and Paul talk about how to deal with wanting everything to be perfect and yet end up not doing anything at all.

If you just had time



What would you have done differently?

I was visiting a team of administrators this week to give them a presentation on how to work more effectively with another department. Whilst I was fine tuning my presentation I over heard two people having a conversation that really wasn’t going anywhere. Lets call them A and B for simplicities sake.

A wanted B to do a piece of work. B was in the middle of doing something and states that he cannot do that right now. These two points of view were repeated a few times with out much more being added or taken away. The result was A walked away saying “fine whatever”.

Both A and B were clearly trying to convey a message that didn’t seem to be resonating with the other person. So it got me thinking what was going wrong and how could they have had a more productive exchange?
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Resistance is Futile!

Resistance is FUTILE! Although not really, but it certainly can be entertaining what your inner voice will do to try and stop any kind of change or new action. Paul and Sam talk about resistance to change, coaching and how to deal with that inner voice.

The Fear of Change

At times we all fear change so much that the discomfort of staying where we are seems like the better choice. Paul and Chris discuss how you can disarm those fears and can soon find that adapting to change become second nature and no where near as scary as you first thought.